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Kasich to lawmakers on MBR: 'Quickly approve' new proposals

Gov. John R. Kasich called on the Legislature Tuesday to quickly approve new proposals to keep Ohio’s economic recovery moving ahead, by cutting tax rates for all Ohio taxpayers, providing special tax relief for low- and middle-income Ohioans, improving K-12 education, job training and higher education, and providing new help for Ohioans with mental illness and addiction

Gov. Kasich speaks Tuesday to  the Central and Southern Ohio USO Legislative Luncheon at the Statehouse.
Gov. Kasich speaks Tuesday to the Central and Southern Ohio USO Legislative Luncheon at the Statehouse.
John Michael Spinelli
Kasich's proposals will be assigned to the House Ways & Means Committee, because there are so many provisions regarding tax policy.
John Michael Spinelli

"We know what works: balanced budgets, tax cuts, better education and training, and a helping hand so everyone can benefit from a stronger Ohio," the governor running to be rehired this year said in prepared remarks. "We've got to keep building on these ideas because they’re lifting our state, and with the continued partnership of the Legislature we’ll keep that progress going for Ohioans."

On the his state website, Gov. Kasich said the state and the nation are coming out of one of the worst economic periods in its history, second only to the Great Recession of the 1930s. The governor claims the state is "back on track thanks to fiscal restraint, jobs-friendly policies, reforms to K-12 education, job training and higher education, and help for the most vulnerable Ohioans."

The campaign narrative Gov. Kasich will not deviate from as this election year advances says Ohio now "enjoys a balanced budget, a $1.5 billion surplus, and 238,000 new-private sector jobs."

"Continuing that progress means building on the policies that we know work," he said on YouTube. "The 2014 Mid-Biennium Review is another opportunity to keep moving Ohio forward. By thinking outside the box and always looking for new and creative ways to improve how government does business, Ohio is getting stronger—which is good news for all of us. Together, I know we can get it done."

Commenting on Gov. Kasich's second MBR, Ed FitzGerald, Kasich's Democratic challenger, released a statement today.

"As Governor, I will focus on growing our economy from the middle out, rather than top-down. One of my first actions will be to reinstate the Homestead Exemption, Ohio's seniors and most vulnerable should not have to pay for John Kasich's give aways to the very well off."

FitzGerald's Lieutenant Governor running mate, Sharen Neuhardt, a business attorney and Democrat from Dayton, will be out deconstructing Kasich's narrative of miracle working, all attributable to his reforms, the top one being the creation of JobsOhio, his private and secret economic development group.

Neuhardt is expected this week to hone in on Kasich's "failed trickle-down tax policy and the need to reinstate the Homestead Exemption in Dayton, Columbus, and Toledo."

Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder, a reliable but retiring legislative general for Kasich, released a statement commending him for being "bold and ambitious," two hallmarks of John Kasich's political career, which he has used successfully to his advantage for more than 35 years, dating back to his first win for state senate. Welcoming on its surface, the speaker would only commit to "robust discussion and debate."

The General Assembly gutted, whittled down or reworked core Kasich proposals in the last biennial budget signed last June, which constituted the largest budget in state history. The outgoing speaker, who Gov. Kasich buttered up by staging his fourth State of the State Address from Medina, Bachetchelder's home town, could offer more than a collaboration with Gov. Kasich and the Senate, which he said helped Ohio grow jobs by 238,000 since January 2011, when Kasich was sworn-in as governor.

Senate Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni offered his take on Kasich's MBR, congratulating the GOP presidential hopeful for agreeing to move on helping veterans earn college degrees and improving the earned income tax credit, two ideas, he said, Senate Democrats have proposed.

"Unfortunately, less than a year after he increased the state sales tax, the Governor has proposed raising taxes on small businesses so he can pay for an income tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthy," Sen. Schiavoni said, echoing a theme core to FitzGerald's campaign. "Last month Senate Democrats outlined our priorities for the MBR and urged the Governor to incorporate them in his budget," he said, adding, "We called for restoring the property tax rollback and homestead exemption as well as providing the funding needed to help students meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. It’s disappointing those priorities, which would benefit so many Ohioans, are missing from this MBR."

Mentioning a statistic GOP message makers have excluded from their spin cycles today, that Ohio’s unemployment rate remains higher than the national average, Sen. Schiavoni underscored the need to invest in schools and local communities, two sectors Kasich withheld billions funds to balance the state's budget. "We can grow our state’s economy ... This budget doesn’t do that."

Kasich's proposals will be assigned to the House Ways & Means Committee, because there are so many provisions regarding tax policy.

Read them in full.

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