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Kasem family pleads for help to find missing legendary radio host Casey Kasem

Seen here with his family at an awards ceremony.
Seen here with his family at an awards ceremony.
Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

"Facebook, Twitter, whatever, just help us find our dad" Kerri Kasem said on NBC News Monday night, desperate to find her missing father, legendary radio host Casey Kasem. The 82 year old, who has Parkinsons disease and is very ill to the point where he can no longer speak, has been living in a care facility (which has not been named) that was selected by his wife Jean Kasem. She reportedly prohibited Kerri and her siblings from visiting their father for several months, although the reasons are unknown. The children did visit with their dad on May 6th 2014, which Kerri described as "incredible...he had a smile ear to ear and told us he loved us....Some of the staff said they've never seen him so animated and happy."

Kerri speculates that the visit may have prompted her step-mother Jean to move Kasem from the facility and possibly out of Los Angeles; maybe even out of the country all together. "When we went to leave, we said ‘Dad, we’re going to be back really soon.’ And he said ‘When?' That’s the last time I saw him. That night he was taken from the facility...She couldn't, in my opinion, stand it, ripped him out of the facility he was getting care in. This is not a man you can just move ... He needed to be transported properly under doctor’s orders and care. And we believe he was not."

A judge recently appointed Kerri as a temporary caretaker to her father, as well as assigning a doctor to look into his care and a court investigator to help locate his whereabouts. This is not the first time that either Kerri or her siblings have fought to gain rights in overseeing their father's treatment. Jean Kasem's lawyer argues that she has every right to move her husband where she sees fit. He is not even sure of Kasem's location but believes that his client moved her husband "out of the country".

This prospect frightens Kerri and the family, who fear that moving him without proper care and supervision may kill him. "He needs to be in a proper medical facility, not in a car or on a plane, crossing state lines or out of the country," she remarked.

Casey Kasem is best known as a music historian and for his role in radio as the iconic host of American Top 40, which he hosted along with other spin off shows from the 1970's until 2004. He has also appeared in countless TV shows, commercials and provided voice-overs for cartoon characters such as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. He officially retired in 2009 after 39 years in the entertainment industry, but continued to work until 2013 when it was announced that he was ill.