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Karu & Y, because it's fabulous


Alexandra Rippy and friends VIP at Karu & Y

Karu & Y is by far one of Miami's hottest spots. Why? Because it is fabulous in every way, shape, and form. When first approaching the club one can see the line reaching around the block, depending on which starlet graces the dance floor.

The line is filled with Jimmy Choo's, Louboutin's, and of course the occasional heel that is guaranteed to break by the end of the night due to its $12 purchase. Make every effort to skip the line, because it could last all night! If lucky enough to walk the red carpet, then you will see the colorful Gerry Kelly, who manages the fabulous establishment, waiting to greet you. If he knows who you are, he will approach you as if you had walked the Bal Harbor Shops arm in arm for weeks!
When proceeding into the club it is evident that there is no other spot like this in Miami. Men, if you are looking for a model who will not eat your 5am Chicken Wings, then this is the place to be. But be warned: These girls are not tourists! Seeing as Karu & Y is located in the city of Miami, it rarely attracts the tourists. Instead, it lures those who know how to have a fabulous time. So to all the gentlemen out there who are looking for an awkward morning, these are females who LIVE in Miami, they have heard every pick-up line in the book, so proceed with caution and expensive cocktails.

The club itself is beautiful and diverse. Beautiful due to the lighing, fabrics, trees, and water. It is a tropical oasis with pulsating beats that can put anyone in a trance. It is diverse due to the many area's of the club that one can enjoy; from the lush gardens and bridges over streams, to the exceptionally large dance floor filled with gorgeous dancers and light shows.

The VIP treatment is phenomenal. Not only will the Gerry Kelly personally spend time with you as if you are the next "Hills" cast member, but the overall ambiance is exceptional. Sitting in a clean cabana (unlike OTHER establishments), watching the trees blow in the wind, and being waited on by stunning waitresses every other 5 minutes is what a VIP should be. The staff will make every attempt to assure that your time is spent joyously. And, of course, all bottles are brought with a flaming sparkler and a parade of baristas to bless you with your bottle of Grey Goose; typical Miami style.

One night at Karu & Y will send your Fabulous Meter through the roof. Enjoy the weather, rain or shine, and dance the night away. Keep an eye open for a celebrity or two.

For more: Karu & Y, 71 NW 14th St., Miami, 305.403.7850




  • Martine 5 years ago

    Wow, Miami seems awesome!Thanks for painting such a great picture of the night life.

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Can you keep writing reviews on different places in Miami? I really want to know about LIV heard it was awesome and plan on coming down soon. Wondering if its worth the hype?

  • sue taub 5 years ago