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Karok comes to Vindictus this June

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Lovers of brutality rejoice! Karok is finally coming to America in June. The savage giant will tower over Lanns, Fionas, and Evies easily at over 400 pounds of pure man. Vindictus will forever be improved by the giant's presence.

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Karok begins his journey with a pillar as a weapon. Eventually the pillar can be switched out for a hammer, but Karok shines as a master of grappling. He can parry, block, and send enemies flying across the battlefield with just a swing of his fist. This might does come with its drawbacks, however. Karok moves slower than the other characters. He also has no area-of-effect attacks. He's meant to tank the biggest enemies or bosses there are while his teammates handle multiple, lesser mobs.

Players can control the giant starting on June 15, 2011. Be sure to check out the video of the character in action. There's an older video to watch here, as well. Get ready mercenaries, Karok is almost here!

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