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‘Karma is a B-tch!’ experiences a ‘Deadbeat Beatdown’ on ID

Karma is a Bitch! stars Steve Schrippa
Photo by Donna Ward

Yesterday’s Investigation Discovery premiere episode of “Karma is a B-tch!” stars someone who fans may recognize as Bobby 'Bacala' of the Sopranos, but his real name is Steve Schrippa, and he hosts this show where people who enjoy seeing revenge, have their day, as the Sopranos had on his life.

On this episode, a woman got to settle a score with her child’s deadbeat dad. Beth Ann Holderman’s romance began in 1991 when she met Joshua Garlathy. Both were in college, and after getting pregnant, Beth Ann dropped out of school to take care of the baby girl named Sahrin. She applied for welfare, and Joshua lived with them and her welfare check. When he became abusive, but mentally and physically, she took the baby and left. She returned to her parents’ home in Lehigh County, Pa. Trying to exist on welfare was difficult with the baby, so she applied for child support. Based on the fact that he had no money or job, they calculated the support payment on minimum wage and settled on $100 a month for a payment. Big deal!

Choosing to disappear, Joshua did just that, leaving his child high and dry. After five years, he attempted to contact them through a friend via email. He wanted Beth Ann to send Sahrin to Canada to be with him for the summer. Of course, the answer was no, but the big mistake he made was putting himself on her radar. So she filed for support with Canadian courts. He made one payment, buying himself some extra time, because now he made an attempt to pay. However, that was his only payment. When she filed another petition, the Canadian police went to arrest him, but he eluded them once again.

At this moment in time, Beth Ann was on her own. Since her daughter was now grown up, so was the internet, and she started looking for him with a vengeance. She received an anonymous tip, which led her to his MySpace page. She determined that he was in Vermont at his sister’s bakery. So she put bounty hunters on the case. The bounty hunter was another woman, who was a victim herself of a deadbeat and performed the service pro bono and even let Beth Ann stay at her home.

When they confronted him at the bakery, he did not even recognize her until she identified herself. Then he ran; something he knew so well. When the bounty hunter handcuffed him, she told him he could pay or go to jail. When Beth Ann told her to let him go, she was shocked. Beth Ann figured deadbeat dad working was better than deadbeat dad in jail. No surprise, he took off again, now owing $25,000 in child support. This time he decided to disappear for good. When five more years went by, it was almost 19 years after he walked out on the mother and daughter,

As Karma would have it, Sahrin was friend requested by Yeshua Garisnot, who she showed to her mother, who immediately recognized him. So she set up a fake page and friend requested him. Now in Hawaii, and playing his guitar all over the island, so she found another bounty hunter and told him she found him on Facebook in Hawaii. With the necessary finances to go to Hawaii, her next challenge was to lure him out of Hawaii and bring him to Pennsylvania. The bait was created between she and the bounty hunter to fulfill his dream of being in a Hollywood movie starring with his favorite, Jennifer Aniston.

He was sent a first-class ticket to Philadelphia for the audition, but he was arrested on the plane before anyone was allowed to depart. He did 42 days in jail and 90-days probation and had to cough up $10,000 for his 20 years of being a deadbeat. However, he was not done there; he will continue to pay until his debt is done, as he found out “Karma is a B-tch!”

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