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Karl Wallinger brings his World Party to Atlanta

World Party
World Party
World Party

Musician Karl Wallinger is a man of many talents and his ability to write incredibly beautiful pop tunes with catchy melodies and poinent lyrics may be his brightest one. Listen to any World Party album and tell me I am wrong. With his music built on a heavy foundation of Beatles, Dylan and Young, Wallinger makes music that defies all conventions utilizing what ever sounds good.

This Friday night he brings World Party to Atlanta for a night of tunes at the Variety Playhouse that will be both uplifting and mesmerizing to the ear. A steady flow of albums since the mid-80's leaves a plethora of material for the night of music. Look for selections from all of his albums, maybe a few hidden gems and of course a choice cover or two. If you have never experienced the music of World Party I suggest you familiarize yourself ASAP.

Sweet melodies will echoe around the room creating a good vibe for all that venture out. While World Party's music may not be as famous as others it sounds just as good if not better. I suggest you get to the Variety Playhouse and join in the party.

WHO: World Party
WHEN: Friday, June 6th 7pm
WHERE: Variety Playhouse