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Karl Rove still pressing Hillary for her medical records: Editorial

Karl Rove continues to press Hillary Clinton for her medical records because of a concussion that she suffered back in 2010.
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Political operative and former G.W. Bush adviser Karl Rove, who spends most of his free time on talk shows lambasting prominent Democrats, still is strongly urging Hillary Clinton to release her medical records. Rove's pestilent insistence is based on a concussion that Hillary suffered back in 2010 when she fell and hit her head, according to ABC News on Sunday. Rove, who offers absolutely no credentials as a physician, apparently believes that a concussion suffered at some point in a person's life can affect his or her ability to make rationale decisions or to function properly under pressure; although Rove presents no medical research or other data to back up his claims.

Despite whatever dream world that Rove is trying to create for himself and his so-called "media audience," people, including Presidential candidates, do not live in a vacuum. Things happen in people's lives, including injuries, illnesses, and, yes, even concussions. If having had no concussions or other related head injuries in a person's life is going to be the new litmus test for Presidential candidates, then candidates with old football injuries may not be eligible to run for President either. And let's not forget candidates who have been in car accidents, or ever lost blood, or ever been struck with a devastating illness. One never knows what might have transpired among those people while they were laid up.

Perhaps Rove and Dick Cheney, who also weighed in on Hillary's concussion and offered support for Rove's position, should start raising Presidential candidates in a laboratory and insulate them from anything and everything that possibly could go wrong in a person's life, including concussions. (Sorry Dick, no hunting trips. We can't afford the risk).

While the two mad scientists, Rove and Cheney, are at it, they can inoculate their future Presidential candidates against any semblance of compassion, empathy towards others, sense of justice and fairness, and equity towards their fellow human beings. They might as well do so because those are the things from which they have inoculated themselves and their followers. Those are the things that they see in Hillary Clinton and other Progressive leaders and perceive as weaknesses. And in Dick Cheney's case, the closest he ever comes to compassion, empathy, and equity is waterboarding and torture.

Bill Clinton, speaking at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Summit, weighed in on the discussion by attacking Rove and his followers:

“First, they said she faked her concussion and now they say she is auditioning for her part on ‘The Walking Dead. I must be in really tough shape because she is still quicker than I am.”

Rove even went so far as to reference Hillary's age when responding to Bill Clinton's comments:

"I love being lectured by Bill Clinton that this is off-limits: ‘You can’t talk about her health. You can’t talk about her age.’ Let’s remember this is a guy who ran for reelection by savaging Bob Dole. … [He] looked like Methuselah in the Clinton TV ads.”

Excuse me, but if Rove were to recollect correctly, he would remember that in the 1996 Presidential campaign, that Bill Clinton showed a great deal of personal respect and admiration for his opponent, Senator Bob Dole (R,Ks). Clinton always spoke respectfully of Mr. Dole as a person, praised him for his excellent military record, and made it clear that his differences with Mr. Dole were over the issues, and not personal. Bob Dole was a former Army Captain, a World War II veteran and an advocate for military veterans. Unlike the two mad scientists in white coats, Karl and Dick, who are experimenting with cloning the perfect, concussion and injury free Presidential candidate, Bill Clinton always has shown nothing but the utmost respect for his political opponents and their distinguished careers on a personal level.

As for Hillary's age, this commentator would take her at any age over anything that our two mad scientists might concoct in their sterile laboratory. Maybe they won't have to concoct anything after all. It appears that C-3PO isn't doing anything and he's over thirty-five. Oops, almost forgot, C-3PO did have some compassion and empathy. Sorry, Karl and Dick, I guess it's back to the drawing board, or shall we say, the sterile incubator.

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