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Karl Rove: 'Shame' on conservatives for advocating Obama's impeachment

Karl Rove blasts conservatives for advocating Obama's impeachment.
Karl Rove blasts conservatives for advocating Obama's impeachment.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

While appearing on Fox News' "On the Record with Greta van Susteren" Tuesday, Republican strategist Karl Rove attacked conservative Republicans for talking impeachment, the Washington Post reported. He also took a shot at President Obama and accused conservatives of helping push his narrative.

"This man is playing with the American people by suggesting a constitutional crisis where none exists," he said. "Shame on him, and shame on those people in his administration who participate with him. And shame on those conservatives and Republicans who help him along. The president wants nothing more than Congressman Yoho, of Florida, to step forward and say we must do it."

Rove also called Obama the “cynic in chief” for using the specter of impeachment as a fundraising ploy. “How cynical. How pathetic,” he said.

GOP leaders like Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, have said they have no plan to impeach the president, and any reference by Democrats is part of a scam intended to rile the liberal base. Nevertheless, prominent conservatives like Sarah Palin have said, and continue to say, that Obama must be impeached.

Grassroots conservatives have also said Obama needs to go. On Tuesday, we reported that talk show host Josh Bernstein started a Facebook event designed to give Boehner the courage to file articles of impeachment.

Democrats, fearful that impeachment could be a possibility, are using the so-called "i-word" to inflame their base. According to the Washington Post, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has raised some $2.1 million over the weekend.

A poll released last Friday says one-third of the American people want Obama impeached. The same poll, however, said that 31 percent of Democrats want Obama to expand his power through executive orders and unilateral actions.

Conservative critics of impeachment say that talk of removing Obama at this point only empowers liberal Democrats. Supporters of impeachment say Obama is destroying the country and must be removed. While the GOP-led House may well have the votes to impeach, the Senate, controlled by Harry Reid and the Democrats, would never vote to convict or remove Obama from office, no matter what the president does.

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