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Karl Rove's stupidity, not Hillary's health, will be an issue in 2016:Commentary

 Karl Rove said that Hillary's health history is going to become an issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In an interview on Fox News today, Karl Rove tried to explain his comments earlier this month to the effect that Hillary Clinton sustained brain damage when she acquired a concussion and fell while suffering from a debilitating stomach ailment, according to ABC News. Rove, who is considered a conservative political guru of sorts and served as a political adviser to President George W. Bush, tried to explain his "brain damage" comment by saying that he never said that Hillary was a victim of brain damage. Rove explained that Hillary's health record will reveal that she has had "health issues" in the past when her record is requested and examined. Rove stated that the health records of Presidential candidates always are requested, and that Hillary's health history definitely will be an issue in 2016.

It seems that Rove shot himself and his Party in the foot with his ridiculous comment. It also is surprising that Rove, who is considered to be an intelligent politico with a great deal of political savvy, could be so naive as to make a statement such as this. Consider the following:

1) By moving Hillary's health history to the forefront before she even has announced her candidacy for President, Rove has removed the element of surprise that the Republicans could have utilized at a time that the Democrats would have been the most vulnerable, such as during the 2016 Democratic convention, or during the debates.

2) By letting the cat out of the bag so early, Rove has given Hillary time to rally her troops and put together a response to his comments, along with talking points, in plenty of time before the primaries and the general election.

3) Rove has put himself and his Party into a position of perpetrating rumors and negative comments about a woman politician whose popularity far, far outweighs that of either Rove or the Republican Party. This postures Rove and his Party as bullies and enables Hillary to be perceived as a victim. This inevitably will engender widespread sympathy for Hillary and sympathy converts to votes.

4) Because of situating Hillary into the position of being a victim, Rove has alienated women voters, even some Republican women voters, and seriously impaired his Party's favor among women.

5) By attacking Hillary for something that has nothing to do with the issues so early in the campaign, Rove has inadvertently admitted that the Republicans don't have any legitimate issues with Hillary's stands on the issues and they have to attack her personally to woo voters.

Look for Republicans, including 2016 Presidential primary contenders, to distance themselves from Rove as the primary elections draw near. Most likely Rove will be harder to find as 2016 approaches. If Rove does emerge on the television talk show circuit, his stupidity for making such naive comments will be the issue and Hillary's so called "health issues" will not so much as raise an eyebrow, Democrat or Republican.

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