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Karl Rove predicts that the 2014 midterm election will be a 'dog fight.'

Karl Rove says that the Republicans have gotten rid of their "Todd Akin-like" candidates and that the GOP has a good chance of winning back the Senate in 2014.
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The GOP has gotten rid of its "Todd Akin-like" politicians and has a good chance of coming out ahead in the 2014 midterm elections, says former G.W. Bush adviser and GOP campaign strategist Karl Rove. (Todd Akin is the former Republican Congressman who said that the "legitimate rape" of "unwilling" women rarely results in pregnancy). Rove also predicted that the GOP will take back the Senate and will hold a one to two vote majority and that the GOP has a chance of taking a Senate seat in Alaska, according to on Wednesday.

Some of the other states in which Rove predicted GOP Senate victories were: Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia. Those states all were won by Mitt Romney (R,Ma), in the Presidential campaign in 2012. Rove also stated that he was hopeful of GOP Senate victories in Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina. Rove has not ruled out the possibility of GOP victories in Colorado, Michigan or New Hampshire as well; although Rove did not indicate whether or not he has been asked to come and speak on behalf of any of the GOP candidates in any of these states, including the ones for which he is the most confident of victory.

Rove described efforts by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D,Nv), to expose GOP candidates who are receiving PAC (Political Action Committee) money and gifts as beneficial to Democrats:

“One thing that the Democrats do have is they’ve got Harry Reid out there beating people up for major gifts that are PACs."

Rove characterized Senator Mitch McConnell, (R,Ky), as "preoccupied" with his own reelection, and stated that this was as it "should be."

Rove has purchased television ads in six states and has spent money from his GOP anonymous donor fund-raising organization American Crossroads in seven states. Through American Crossroads, Rove has spent over $5 million in Alaska on television ads aimed at providing a GOP victory in that state's U.S. Senate race.

Rove predicted that the 2014 midterm election will be a "dog fight" to the end. Rove faults Democrats for attempting to "irradiate Republican candidates" and to "disqualify them in voters' minds by Labor Day."

Despite Rove's assertions, it appears that the real question ought to be what the voters' minds will be on between Labor Day and the November midterm elections. If by chance a Todd Akin-like GOP contender still is lurking out there somewhere, waiting to state another verbal blunder, it could make a difference in the midterm election outcome. Karl Rove himself has been the perpetrator for some recent blunders, i.e., his recent statements to the effect that HIllary Clinton's health should be examined closely to see if there is any residual damage from a concussion she suffered in December 2012.

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