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Kari Hormann unleashes 10th-frame lightning in electrifying performance

Kari Hormann made her mark Tuesday night.
Kari Hormann made her mark Tuesday night.
Fred Eisenhammer

This was 10th-frame lightning -- and then some -- for rookie bowler Kari Hormann.

Kari hit her average of 95 in the ninth frame of her second game in the "Guys and Dolls" league Tuesday night at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills.

Then an amazing thing happened.

Kari unleashed some 10th-frame lightning -- a so-called phenomenon in which a bowler finishes his or her game with three straight highly unexpected strikes.

It was the first time that Kari had rolled three strikes in a row since she joined the league in December.

She was averaging a mere 78 after her first two weeks in the league, but she definitely found her groove on Tuesday.

Her three strikes in a row allowed her first-place team to pull out a narrow victory -- and she wasn't through.

Kari, bowling right-handed, then tacked on a fourth straight strike in the first frame of the third game en route to bowling a 140 -- 45 pins above her average and within eight pins of her career best. For good measure, Kari knocked down three more strikes in the game, giving her eight in her final two games.

Kari's score in her final game, with handicap, equated to a sizzling 258.

So what was Kari thinking after blasting her first "turkey," or three strikes in a row?

"I didn't think of anything," said Kari, smiling. "I was just out of breath. I was ready to jump up and down."

Kari opened the night by rolling a 114 and then bowled a 125 in the second game.

Her scores demonstrated her continual improvement since she joined the league.

"I had a lot of anxiety when I started," Kari said. "I was lucky to get a 60 [in a game]. I was ready to cry."

Her performance Tuesday drew accolades from teammate Tom Foley.

"You bowled excellently," Foley told her afterwards. "It was incredible. It was fun to watch."

Kari, a West Hills resident who turns 25 on Thursday, has become a big fan of the sport. "I really like it," Kari says. "I want to keep challenging myself."

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