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Karen Mossey on 'Spooky Creepy New England 2'

Spooky Creepy New England 2

1. What was your inspiration and motivation behind creating "Spooky Creepy New England 2"?

Having been on several new investigations at very interesting paranormal locations I wanted to share these experiences and what better way then to write about them in the pages of another book. In Addition, I wanted to incorporate some stories from people I had interviewed that had had some very unusual paranormal encounters. Finally, I enjoy writing and write an article for the Stateline Review newspaper once a month on my fascination with the paranormal.

2. What about the first book in the series? What can you share with us about that?

My first book "Spooky Creepy New England" is a great composite of paranormal investigations intertwined with the history of each location. It also focuses on several well known graveyards in the area with a lot of supernatural happenings. It is a really good read that ties in the history to the location and why they are haunted. It is also full of really cool paranormal photo's captured at several investigations.

3. Will you share with us one of your personal paranormal encounters and what you think about it?

Well one of my most interesting and very vivid experiences was while I was staying in a hotel in New York City just before my appearance on the Maury Povitch show. It was around five o'clock in the morning and my feet lowered down on the bed as if someone had sat down next to my feet on the foot of the bed. I opened my eyes and there was a perfect imprint of someone sitting there. Within seconds it rose up and I felt a cold breeze and a grayish mist pass by me and head toward the window causing the curtains to rustle back and forth. It was amazing and led me to wonder if, in fact, Ghosts have some sort of mass or is it a form of their energy that can manipulate solid matter to form something like this imprint on the bed.

4. So what do you think ghosts are exactly? Do you think they are spirits trapped in limbo or beings visiting back and forth or psychic images?

It is all of the this. Some Ghosts remain anchored to a location because of personal issues, be it traumatic, unresolved, materialistic, lust or passion for someone in the physical, sense of obligation or even being held here because someone in the physical won't let them move on. Or they may simply not know they are dead, as is the case,sadly, with so many children's spirits. Then there are those that come and go like our loved ones who visit when we may need them for encouragement or just to let us know that they are near and still with us in their new existence. And some are merely imprints from a time or space that continues to replay over and over and carry out the same function with no awareness of this physical world.

5. I always find it interesting how some ghost are dressed up in like Civil War clothes. Why do you think that is? I have to wonder if cases like this are when we see glimmers of the past from our now moment maybe.

Yes some of these ghosts are imprints that appear in the clothing or uniforms from the time they were physically alive and carry out the same roles they performed in their time period. You can just happen to be in the right place and time with the right conditions and catch a glimpse of them. You can also record sound energy of the time period in EVP recordings that is out there and circles around and just might replay itself for you at the time you record. Many of these recordings are merely imprints and non interactive but we have also captured many voices that interact with us in real time at historical locations and any location in general.

6. What paranormal stories would you like to share with us from the book that you find the most spooky and creepy? Could you share a few?

The Windham restaurant is in both of my books. It is a paranormal hot spot and never fails to yield phenomenal paranormal evidence both in the EVP recordings and amazing photographs captured on infrared and regular camera's. We have also had personal and real time physical encounters and heard live disembodied voices. Its a must read in both books and if you ever have the opportunity to go there you definitely should!! Be sure to read the investigation of Hills Farms Cemetery in the first book. It is the most active paranormal cemetery I have ever investigated. Here I captured my longest and most phenomenal EVP recording of an actual vortex opening. My partner in paranormal research, Mike Sullivan, was able to capture this moving portal on film. Both the EVP and the portal are on our website

7. What about some EVP recording experiences? Can you share some experiences with us that you've heard personally?

Again I would like to refer folks to our website There are some phenomenal examples of class A, very clear EVP both residual and interactive. We have recorded thousands of EVP over the years. But I would have to say one of my favorites is the " I love you," EVP . This is my Fathers exact voice and inflection. It was recorded in my home in 2003; a year after my Father passed on in 2002. This EVP was used in the trailer for the movie White noise which is at this link and in an episode of Ghost Whisperer which can be heard here.

And one of the most phenomenal EVP and the longest I have ever recorded was Hills Cemetery and that can be heard at this link's-Hills-Cemetery.htm

8. What are you up to next book wise and or projects wise? Also any links you'd like to share with us here or information. Please feel free. Thank you for this interview.

I am thinking of maybe a paranormal fiction book but continue to pursue my passion as a paranormal investigator and EVP specialist so I continue to report and write about new haunted adventures and keep writing monthly articles for the newspaper. Please check out our website for more interesting investigations and the evidence we captured EVP, Photo's video's and more. Click on the links above to hear and see amazing paranormal captures. My book is available at Amazon at this link here , through the publisher and bookstores everywhere. Check it out and thankyou for providing me an opportunity to interview with you and share my experiences. Happy Hauntings to all.

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