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Karen Jarrett involved in spat with DreamWave Wrestling

Karen Jarrett
Lee South Photography

On the heels of accusations that a very drunken Jeff and Karen Jarrett were, according to one source, "out of control" in the locker room of an IWA Mid-South event on Sunday night in Southern Indiana, comes new information about and alleged drunken Karen Jarrett accusing DreamWave Wrestling promoter Jay Repsel of "cheating her out of merchandise money" after her 8x10 photos were left off merchandise tables.

Witnesses to the event on Saturday at the Illinois DreamWave show say that Karen Jarrett noticed her photos had not been placed on the merchandise table for sale and demanded the promoter pay out of pocket for her losses. Karen allegedly stated she was owed $1,500 and when the promoter refused to pay that amount she reportedly went on a rampage, yelling and screaming at anyone and everyone.

On Sunday both Jarrett's were upset over not receiving their full pay, which was to be $2,000 for Jeff and $500 for Karen according to insiders. Jeff Jarrett is said to have been ranting and yelling at the other wrestlers that they "would never make it to the next level" because he wasn't being paid. The incident resulted in Jarrett either hitting promoter Ian Rotten's 17 year old son John Calvin in the face and taking his glasses or in some other manner getting hold of the glasses and threatening to break them if he did not get his money.

While Rotten has stated on social media that he was in the wrong for not securing Jarrett's money prior to the show he has promised to pay the resulting amount in "two or three days." Rotten has also vowed to file a complaint against Jarrett for assault on a minor with the sheriff for the incident involving John Calvin.

Stories of Jeff Jarrett drinking backstage have long been tales of lure in professional wrestling. One veteran said, "I was on a show with Jeff two or three years ago and he had a case of beer he was downing one after the other. He was drunk when he went to the ring."

Both Jarrett's have been accused of throwing temper tantrums in locker rooms in the past though those episodes have generally been "kayfabed" or kept within the circle of the business. With these latest happenings more information about the two is becoming available.

"Brother, Karen is something else, it's her way or no way and she screams and pouts until she gets her way," one former TNA wrestler who requested anonymity said. "I think she wears the pants in that relationship which is cool I guess but she gets her one come hell or high water."

Karen Jarrett was involved in two separate alleged sexual harassment lawsuits against TNA wrestling involving Serge Salinas, the husband of TNA CEO Dixie Carter and an unnamed person rumored to be former writer and wrestler Terry Taylor. Taylor exited the company shortly after the rumors became public. Jarrett received an undisclosed settlement with the company but some estimates say she received upwards of a million dollars on each complaint.

Jarrett has been touting a new wrestling venture to be called the Global Force Wrestling of late. Jarrett has been scouting talent across the indies, Mexico and Japan and is hoping to have a working relationship with the AAA promotion in Mexico.

Attempts to reach out to both Jeff and Karen Jarrett have gone unanswered as of press time.

UPDATE: DreamWave Wrestling promoter Jay Repsel has said in response to this article that there was a "misunderstanding about the photos and that Jeff was a professional. All monies promised were exchanged Karen said 'just give us our pay and we will leave' which is what happened. Anything else is hearsay at this point. We at DreamWave Wrestling look forward to working with Global Force Wrestling and the Jarrett's again in the future"

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