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Karen Gravano Grand Theft Auto V: Lawsuit filed by 'Mob Wives' star for likeness

Karen Gravano and "Grand Theft Auto V" are going at it legally this week, as the “Mob Wives” star has now filed a lawsuit against "GTA V" gamemakers for including her likeness in the videogame and not paying her for it. While the report notes that Gravano isn’t necessary annoyed that her character and her background story are an active part of the popular game, she is instead frustrated she hasn’t been offered any payment for the “homage.” Web Pro News describes the details on the “Mob Wives” woman’s claims in a statement she released this week from the formal lawsuit.

Karen Gravano is suing over Grand Theft Auto game
Twitter Photo, Celebrity VH1 Blog

While many "GTA V" fans may not even know of the TV celebrity, a Karen Gravano "Grand Theft Auto" lawsuit will be making her name a common one to frequent videogame players. Gravano had this to say in her newly filed charges against the company’s gamemakers:

“Karen Gravano has the utmost respect for the writers and creators of the ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ video game, but her story is unique and is hers to tell, not that of the writer in the video game. This is impermissible and is a direct misappropriation and destruction of [Gravano’s] name, likeness, personal life story and image.”

The notice goes on to say that the plaintiff in this case has been damaged because she is in fact writing a new book that was going to tell of plot points that have already been given away in the "Grand Theft Auto V" game.

“This has damaged plaintiff because the plaintiff is releasing a second book containing the parts of the not-so-known aspects of the story used by ‘Grand Theft Auto V … The time line for which this information was released is against [Gravano’s] wishes,” she continued in her lawsuit.

Ultimately, it seems that “Mob Wives” star Karen Gravano is thus suing "Grand Theft Auto V" figureheads for using her character likeness and story history without offering her payment and before asking for official permission. Do you think there is any merit to her case?

The hot-headed female celebrity notes that there is a woman in the game who goes by the name of Antonia Bottino. She claims that not only does the female character look quite similar to Gravano, but the woman also shares a past that bears some noticeable resemblances to her real-life counterpart.

Within "GTA V," Antonia Bottino is eventually saved by the player’s main character after almost being buried alive. The character goes on to say that her father was being pinned for a serious murder that he never actually committed, and now her family has been forced to locate from area to area in random safe houses in order to survive.

According to the press release on the Karen Gravano "Grand Theft Auto V" lawsuit:

“The ‘Mob Wives’ celeb says she isn’t the only family member improperly portrayed without pay in the popular video game. Bottino’s father, Sammy (aka Sonny) Bottino shares a linked story as Gravano’s own father, Sammy (The Bull Gravano).

The lawsuit is still pending and undergoing legal review within the coming weeks.

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