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Kardashian and West: Paris wedding plans, dinner and a sticky situation

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were in Paris when a young man verbally assaulted Kim as she was heading into a building. There were also some words spilled to the paparazzo, which was present at the time of the verbal attack on Kim.

What is the next scene in the saga?
Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

During the time Kim Kardashian was hearing waves of profanity and racial slurs thrown at her she became frightened and afraid for her life. Evidentially the young man also threatened to kill her among his bantering. In news story on Jan. 19 from the Gossip Center and E! Online Kanye is under the gun with authorities because he left the country before he could face charges of assault. The couple enjoyed a romantic dinner in the City of Lights dressed casually and discussing future plans.

Kanye West was reported to the police by witnesses that he struck the man who was frightening and verbally assaulting Kim Kardashian. Earlier reports just mention Kanye struck the man but now it has been confirmed that he did so at least thirty times.

Kim has flown back to Paris to meet up with Kanye. Her return is two parts; first she is there to stand by her man and be moral support while he is undergoing the scrutiny of authorities since it is likely he will be facing assault charges. Kim is standing firm that Kanye was acting in self-defense and protecting his fiancé after she was threatened.

Secondly, Kim and Kanye want to continue with their plans for an upcoming wedding that will fit their fairytale dream ceremony. They no longer feel California is a suitable place for their wedding ceremony and believe Paris would be the best location when they finally take their vows. Rumors say they are seeking out a castle in France as the perfect place to hold their matrimony ceremony.

Will Kanye be able to leave or will he be arrested, sentenced and forced to remain in France to serve out the time for his crime?

Will the couple have the opportunity to go searching for that perfect castle in France in order to make plans for their wedding?

Curious mind want to know – what do you think will happen to Kanye and Kim while in Paris?

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