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Kapri Dabrowska Talks About Her Life Growing Up As A Performer In Poland

Poland's own Kapri Dabrowska
Poland's own Kapri Dabrowska
cta 2014

Musician Kapri Dabrowska talks about her life as a performer in Poland and her favorite type of music to listen to as well as her inspirations.

How and when did you first get into performing?

I wanted to be a performer ever since I can remember. Even as a toddler, I would climb any and all stages I could see, dance around and sing. The first time I claimed I wanted to be a performer was when I was 4 years old playing in the living room at my grandparents' house. My grandparents never listened to the radio, but my mom would, in the morning before she would drop me off. My grandma was doing chores, I was playing with my toys, and all of a sudden I said "grandma, I'm going to be a singer when I grow up". A little surprised, my grandma asked: "ok, why?" and I responded with "because I hear music in my head all the time". Back then, of course I didn't understand the concept of having a song stuck in my head, like we all do, but that was enough to get my mom to sign me up for some vocal lessons, and later on to a music school.

What was life like in Poland?

Poland is a fantastic place! It's totally different from the US though- particularly food, everything just IS organic, until labeled otherwise. The music scene is also different: a lot smaller; most of the top artists still stick to their day jobs. In LA, the scene is fantastic. Living in Poland for years I rode horses, and I still have my two horses Kapriola and Kaprikorn. I ride them when I come to visit. I also have a dog, Cekin, that I sadly didn't bring to LA with me, that lives with my grandparents now.

Who were your biggest inspirations growing up?

That's gonna be kinda hectic... I was the biggest fan of Guns n' Roses since I can remember. I was also a huge Spice Girls fan as a kid. At the age of 11 or so, I started getting more into classic rock, grunge and hard rock, stuff like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, P.O.D., Queen, Nirvana. My mom would always play those bands, and I would listen. My inspiration with punk and pop-punk came to me really late, after I graduated high school, and it stayed. I loved (and still do) Sum-41, Blink-182, Green Day, Sugarcult, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, Good Charlotte, Mest... the list goes on. Also, ever since I discovered Butch Walker in 2004 he's been a huge inspiration to me, both lyrically and melody wise.

What type of music do you like writing and performing?

I write all kinds of music, really! Sometimes I can wake up, write something that would totally work for Taylor Swift or Avril Lavinge, and then right before going to bed I would come up with a song that sounds totally like Operation Ivy! I really don't have much of an MO when it comes to songs: I write how I feel when I feel it. I do like to write songs about people who piss me off though. So much for MO, haha.
When it comes to performing, I have been performing various genres over the years, but I feel most comfortable with pop-punk, and that's what my band Side Effect plays.

What has been your most favorite gig to play so far?

I loved the Battle Of The Bands for Rock On The Range. It was an incredible experience, and I can't wait for another round of the Battle. The details will be on our website

Who or what would be your ideal collaboration?

I'd say it really depends on a song. Mostly I am looking for a person who either understands the emotion or the situation I'm writing about. I also like people who are strong melodically, because I prefer working on lyrics and words. I do write melodies too and plenty of songs I wrote by myself, or with my band members.

What advice do you have for upcoming performers?

Don't give up - you just picked the hardest career there is. It's gonna require very hard work from you, for the rest of your life, and with no guarantee of success. If you can't handle uncertainty for the rest of your life - it's time for a new profession.Don't try to do everything by yourself - DIY does not mean "do everything yourself while you juggle a day job". It means gather a team of people you trust and work with them. If you try to do everything completely on your own you will fail and you will end up hating what you do. Be on top of your game. Sometimes if you wait for a day, you will be a day too late and even though there are plenty of opportunities, some opportunities don't come around the second time. Some people will remember you as a slacker and never get back to you again. Lastly, go out! meet people, and meet the right people! And later, maintain those relationships!

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