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Kappa frat, UAPB student charged with triple homicide is also haunted poet

Police say the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff student doesn't fit the profile of a street narcotics trafficker or a murderer. And so do the people who knew him at Pine Bluff. But the poetry Justin left on an artist's spotlight page indicates that he had reconciled his birth to a teen mom, struggled with his rape and molestation at ten years old, as well as his father's death while growing up in Pine Bluff, an incredibly troubled Arkansas city, yet a place that Justin Smith has expressed his deep affinity.

But Justin's poetry page indicates he was a young and sensitive man very much aware of his past and haunted by the murder of his father.
But Justin's poetry page indicates he was a young and sensitive man very much aware of his past and haunted by the murder of his father.
Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc
UAPB student's bond set at $1 million
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.

Justin Pharez Smith, a junior at University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff belonged to Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc, and served as the organization's Junior Province,Vice-Polemarch in the South Western Province.

Commentators who knew Smith posted at a local Dallas news story say Justin Smith was a "mellow" guy and they wouldn't have suspected he led a dual life.

Justin Pharez Smith, known in Dallas as "J-Dawg", didn't have Blood, Crip or other gang affiliations on his Facebook page. Justin Smith's Facebook page indicates he belongs to a group calls UAPB Black Male Achievers. Smith also belonged to an Afrocentric Film group. Justin Pharez Smith was a junior agriculture major.

Despite his professional and academic life, Smith admitted to the murder of three people people and the attempted murder of another three last Saturday morning in Dallas, Texas. Friends and family of the people Smith murdered say they don't care about the life of Justin Smith, just the lives of the people he murdered.

After Smith shot and killed two women and one man. He left three witnesses, all of whom he attempted to shoot, to tell their stories to Dallas police.

Smith's bond is set at $1 million.

Early on Saturday morning, at 6:40 a.m., Dallas police say Smith entered a known drug house to "conduct business". By the time Smith left, three people had been shot to death, another was shot in the head and then kicked before Smith exited the house.

A fifth victim and witness, an employee of the house, got into a physical confrontation with Smith as Smith exited the building. Smith had emptied his chamber. A sixth person approached the house, Smith is said to have taken shots at the sixth person, which enabled the fifth to run and escape.

Smith then got in his car to run the fifth person down. Police say he tried to kill the fifth person with his car.

The fourth victim inside of the house, despite a gunshot wound to the head, went to a neighbor's for help. Before Smith shot her, she told police she begged for her life and told Smith that she had babies. Smith left the room this victim was sleeping in, then returned and shot her. He kicked her to make sure she was dead. Police say she curled up in a fetal position and survived the assault by playing possum.

She identified Smith to police in photographs on Sunday in the hospital. Police say her wounds are not life-threatening and she's expected to make a full physical recovery. She's recovering at Baylor University Hospital.

After the homicides, Smith went to his mother's house in Arlington, Texas where police say he showered, removed blood stained clothing and hid weapons. He then went and got a haircut. The evidence was recovered by the time police captured Smith on Sunday. In Smith's poetry, he alludes to receiving his "glow" from his mom and refers to her as a goddess.

After Smith left Arlington, he then fled to what he told police is his "mentor's" residence. Police will not say whether Smith's mother or his mentor were aware that Smith had been involved in a shooting.

Dallas police also refused to reveal the type of narcotics involved at the house where the three murders occurred. They did say that the house had been operational for about five months and had received complaints about narcotics trafficking.

They also express little interest as to whether or not the other survivors are involved in drug trafficking or not.

Smith killed 21-year-old Tyteanna Lyahanee Brown, 36-year-old Kimberly Montgomery and 37-year-old Demarcus Walton.

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