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Kappa Alpha Psi top cop Ron Johnson steps up for Ferguson

A Washington Post blogger threw down the gauntlet in a rant on race, Ferguson, Missouri, Michael Brown, the police, specifically Kappa Cop Captain Ron Johnson, and American ignorance today.

Johnson speaks at a church service where he apologized to the Brown family.
Johnson speaks at a church service where he apologized to the Brown family.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
In Ferguson, Johnson's latest challenge is protesters who throw urine

Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, a Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity brother whose social media personality has gone viral since the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, was appointed by Missouri’s governor to communicate with Ferguson residents and protect media from police arrest post Michael Brown.

Ron Johnson is the clear spoken citizen policeman who put an end to tear gas use by officers in Ferguson. Johnson has been criticized for his decision not to respond to a looting incident last week with police force, a move that likely saved more black lives.

Like most proud and active Kappa Alpha Psi frat bros, Johnson has a few social media pics out there on Facebook and Instagram. Lately, Johnson has been behind microphones at press conferences talking to media and at churches with Al Sharpton apologizing to the Brown family for the loss of their son. In viral pre Michael Brown social network pics, Ron Johnson’s in his Highway Patrol uniform, posing with a frat brother and displaying their nupe signs.

For the record a nupe hand sign is unique to Kappas who sign with a thumb and index finger that form a diamond while the rest of the hand is relaxed.

But social media ghouls went on a Twitter rampage and CNN’s iReport to assert that the hand signs were gang signs.

Silly, right?

There’s a vague similarity.

Bloods’ gang members sign with the thumb and index finger which forms a circle, but they throw their gang sign with that circle, an extended middle finger, and a suppressed ring (fourth finger). The Bloods’ hand signs are more like Dr. Spock's greeting in terms of difficulty.

The Post blogger also rails on DixielandDiva, someone who had a Twitter account until she/he/it started posting untruths that upset a community of college educated black Americans. She represents the seething outrage in the African American higher ed community at having to defend a decorated Missouri Highway Patrol Officer and a frat bro because he's black.

Yet, it is far more disconcerting that internet connected people don't know and don't assume that cops are one of the few American employees with spotless reputations before they are invited to study at a police academy.

The social and financial background checks cop endure before they’re recruited are pretty intense.

Gang members, their relatives and friends don’t get hired by the police. That's common sense.

It's also sad testimony to how little American people know about one of the higher salaried careers in the country. In California, Highway Patrol officers earn more than $60k per year. On average, Highway patrol officers earn (start) at over $47k per year. Johnson has been with the Missouri Highway Patrol for twenty seven years.

Captain Ron Johnson is a St. Louis, Missouri native and has been on the job overtime to quell rioting in his hometown. He put a stop to tear gas use by police officers in Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot and killed. He's met with protesters and has one foot in two camps as an African American and a cop.

Johnson's Criminal Justice degree is from Florissant Valley Community College in Ferguson (The Root). Last week, police backed down from Ferguson protesters during episodes of violent looting, a decision credited to Johnson.

A lot of work is ahead for Kappa Top Cop Johnson, an exemplary Kappa Alpha Psi member who has risen to the occasion not just for Ferguson, but to excellently represent his Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity as well.

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