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Kappa Alpha Psi: hazing trailblazers?

A paddle beating sent a Kappa pledge to the hospital. Four were resulted as a result .
A paddle beating sent a Kappa pledge to the hospital. Four were resulted as a result .
Kappa Alpha Psi Inc.

Either Kappas are either really bad at selecting recruits, or they are especially bad at pledging.

Another set of Kappas, members of the Greek letter organization Kappa Alpha Psi, has been arrested. This time the alleged hazers are affiliated with the University of Central Arkansas in Conway.

Is it any accident or coincidence that Kappas at universities across the country keep getting arrested? Is there something the Kappas need to prove to themselves or others?

What's the point of one man beating another man on the buttocks with a paddle.


Something is rotten at Kappa Alpha Psi. It may be the leadership and it may be time to oust a president because for the second time in almost as many months, mugshots of its members have made the nightly news.

It's sad really. Kappas will say that they aren't the only ones who haze.

And that may be.

But Kappas are the only ones getting caught, or outed, lately. And if the organization is serious about the black community, serious about the African American face it puts forward, how will it reconcile violence within its organization with violence that destroys black communities?

Clearly it's time for Kappa Alpha Psi Incorporated to get serious and get real. Clearly its time for national leaders to find better recruits, find better recruiting tactics, or end physical interaction as a part of the pledging process altogether.

It should be easy.

Before members are invited to participate in the pledging process, they should encourage pledges to report hazing activities to national, rather than the local police.

Unless Kappas are stuck on stupid, they'll resolve the hazing issues within its organization and keep their members out of jail.

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