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Kaplan Bar Review to expand full-service bar review to Arizona, Washington State

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Kaplan Bar Review, a provider of full-service bar preparation, is expanding its bar review program to students preparing for the state bar exams in Arizona and West Virginia in time for the July 2012 exam and Washington State for the July 2013 exam. With this expansion to 28 states, plus Washington, D.C., Kaplan Bar Review will be available to nearly 85% of the entire bar-taking population.

“Kaplan Bar Review’s expansion of full-service bar review to Arizona, Washington State and West Virginia continues to build on our strong momentum of 2011, which saw a significant increase in the number of law school students enrolling in our comprehensive programs,” said Steven Marietti, Esq., vice president and general manager, Kaplan Bar Review. “Kaplan Bar Review is unsurpassed in providing resources and a curriculum that help students apply their knowledge in the manner that the bar exam will test it. Our unlimited essay grading, exam-like multiple-choice questions, and daily regimen of assignments that guide students with specific tasks designed to improve their areas of weakness, all contribute to our high success rate in helping our students pass the bar exam.”

In a July 2011 bar exit survey of 1,973 bar examinees, at 24 randomly selected locations, who took bar review in states where Kaplan offers full service bar review, examinees who prepared with Kaplan rated Kaplan higher than examinees who prepared with BarBri in five key categories, including exam likeness of the MBE (Multistate Bar Exam) practice questions; essay grading; amount of individualized guidance; amount of student support; and overall course value.

In 2010 (the most recently fully recorded year), 68% percent of bar exam takers (54,448 out of 79,953) passed nationally, although pass rates varied by state. In Arizona and Washington, the pass rates were slightly above the national average at 73% and 71%, respectively; West Virginia’s 65% passage rate was below the national average.


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