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Kanye West video: Punches, hits to 18-year-old N-word insulter allegedly on tape

While the video of Kanye West’s 18-year-old suspected punch-receiver entering a building prior to Kim Kardashian is now online, the video of the entire alleged hitting incident from inside the building has yet to leak online.

Kanye West video: Punches, hits to 18-year-old N-word insulter allegedly on tape

According to CNN, West is now a suspect in the probe into the misdemeanor battery incident, whereby the 18-year-old allegedly initially claimed to assist Kardashian in entering the building, but when she reportedly corrected him from hurling racial insults at the photogs, he turned on her and began calling her an N-word lover.

Searches for phrases such as “Kanye West video hits to 18-year-old N-word” and similar searches on keywords such as “Kanye West punches 18-year-old” have yet to turn up substantial video evidence on YouTube, merely news reports about the incident, or opportunistic marketing sludge.

In the meantime, video of Kardashian leaving the building after the incident has leaked, along with the above linked-to video from TMZ prior to the incident, showing the 18-year-old hopping along excitedly in front of Kim – so it should be only a matter of time before surveillance or cellphone video of the actual incident surfaces.

Checking the above links that provide results from YouTube as sorted by most recently uploaded video should eventually prove fruitful. Even video that’s evidence in a police investigation eventually makes its way to the public eye before long. This should be one more viral video showing what actually happened near Wilshire Boulevard shortly after noon on Monday, January 13, 2014.