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Kanye West: Victim of battery charges and leaves scene before police arrive

Kanye West has had an altercation with a man in Beverly Hills on Monday. This young person evidently offered his help to Kim who was heading to a meeting and followed by the paparazzi.

Kanye punches man after rude comments were made!
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In a news story reported by On The Red Carpet on Jan. 14 the Beverly Hills Police Department received a call the evening before about an incident involving Kanye West spontaneous reaction to a young man’s remarks that were verbally assaulting Kim Kardashian.

Not only was Kim faced with this young man’s abusive obscenities but so was the photographer that was just trying to do his job by getting a perfect picture of the actress that day. The day turned ugly when the man called the photographer racial and starting blurting out anti-racial slurs towards him. Kardashian stepped in and told the man his words were inappropriate and that is when he started cursing at her.

“According to a source close to Kardashian, a man called the reality TV star a "n----- lover" and hurled obscenities at her. Kardashian, who was en route to a meeting at that time in Beverly Hills, was left "shaken," the source said.”

"She was completely disgusted," the source told ABC News. "She came to the paparazzi's defense because she couldn't believe what he was saying."

About that time Kanye came to Kim’s rescue but it didn’t turn out like a story book fairy tale. He was there to stand up to the man and protect Kim but things got out of hand and out of control. West also was so enraged by what was being said he lost his cool and control and punched the man.

The police were called in by a witness at the scene and reported the incident. When they arrived at the scene Kanye and Kim were no were to be seen. There were other witnesses that told police that West did strike the victim and left the scene where the misdemeanor battery incident took place.

At the present time no formal charges have been filed but that doesn’t mean that they will be swept under the rug either. It may just be too soon to tell at this point. Kanye has been in trouble before with misdemeanor battery charges as well as grand theft last year with another incident involving a paparazzo member, Daniel Ramos. West has pled not guilty to these charges in a Los Angeles court.

If Kanye is convicted of these charges he could face six months imprisonment for each charge landing him in jail for one year or have to pay a fine of $1,000. This case will continue in court on Jan. 23 and a decision on the charges against West will be determined as well as his fate for the near distant future.

What are your thoughts on how these charges should pan out for Kanye West?

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