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Kanye West spending millions to renovate Bel-Air mansion to suit his tastes

A while back, Kanye West took over renovations of his Bel-Air mansion. In his quest of "the perfect" home for himself, Kim and baby North, he has spent $4 million dollars so far. However, it's estimated that amount will increase to over $6 million when or if he ever finishes his over the top designs on the home.

MIAMI, FL - DECEMBER 05: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West attend Surface Magazine's DesignDialogues No. 6 With Hans Ulrich Obrist, Kanye West And Jacques Herzog at Moore Building on December 5, 2013 in Miami, Florida.
Photo by John Parra

So far, he has spent close to $1 million on Electrolux kitchen appliances. The refrigerator-freezer is a sparkling work of art with Swarovski crystals encrusted over the surface. He has spent millions alone for the custom-made furniture coming over from Italy.

When the couple first bought the home, it was move in ready, but they both wanted to add their own special touches. However, after a trip to Paris, Kanye took over all the renovations. He kicked Kim out of making any remodeling decisions, because apparently she is inept.

So far, the mansion has a bowling alley, basketball court, movie theater, new gym, the best recording studio for Kanye’s music and dressing room.

An insider told Life & Style, “Kanye is obsessed with every single aspect of this house. He says it’s like a work of art and that there’s no detail too small for him to be involved in.”

Another source said, “It’s frustrating for Kim,” especially because the 36-year-old rapper isn’t particularly open to her ideas.

“He’s impossible to please and thinks nothing of changing direction midway and starting over.”

So far, they have been staying at Kris Jenner’s house until the renovations are finished. They may have to live with Kris until July or August depending on how much Kanye needs to change things in the mansion.

So far, Kanye allegedly tells Kim how to dress. He's taken over the renovation of the Bel-Air mansion, and has a big input on their upcoming wedding. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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