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Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers drop unexpectedly in Nike Store

Nike Air Yeezy II drops and sells out instantly
Nike Air Yeezy II drops and sells out instantly

Three months after Kanye West left Nike to partner with Adidas, the Nike Store unexpectedly dropped the rapper's Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers on Feb. 9, 2014.

West's much-anticipated Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers were supposed to drop at the end of December, but that never happened. Set to sell exclusively online, fans waited for the drop that failed to happen, despite Foot Locker tweeting that they would be available on Dec. 27, 2013.

On Feb. 9, the Nike Store tweeted that the Air Yeezy II shoes were suddenly available online, causing a mass of Kanye West and Nike fans to claim a pair of the $245 sneakers online.

"The Nike Air Yeezy 2 is now available"

The sneakers sold out almost instantly, with some buyers getting a message that their purchase was not in their cart but they could "wait in line" to see if the shoe was back in stock.

After several failed attempts, it appears that all sizes of the Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers are out of stock online.

"The Nike Air Yeezy 2 has sold out on"

Now Kanye West fans will have to head over to the Adidas store to wait for the release of his first pair of kicks. There are rumors they will be out in September, but no official word yet.

For those who are wondering why West left Nike, it seems that lack of royalties were the underlying reason for his jump over to Adidas.

Three months ago, West talked explained his reasoning to Angie Martinez of Hot 97, stating that Nike promised to give him a "bigger sandbox to play in" and the ability to design two collections a year.

Even with Nike's offer, the fact that they didn't want to pay him royalties turned West off.

"So then I start turning up in the BBC interview, so [Nike] said, ‘ok cool, we’re gonna give you a bigger sandbox to play in. We’re gonna give you this amount right here to design, and two collections a year, and 30 SKUs — that’s the amount of items that you have. Would that make you happy, Kanye?’ And I said, ‘well I need royalties.’ It’s not even like I have a joint venture. At least give me some royalties. Michael Jordan has 5%, that business is $2 billion. He makes a $100 million dollars a year off of 5% royalties. Nike told me, ‘we can’t give you royalties because you’re not a professional athlete.’ I told them, ‘I go to the Garden and go one on NO ONE. I’m a performance athlete."

Did you attempt to buy a pair of Nike Air Yeezy II sneakers on Sunday? Any luck?

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