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Kanye West reaches settlement over the attack on the teen who yelled slurs

'Shut up n----r lover' was allegedly said by a teen to Kim Kardashian before Kanye attacked him in an office building on Jan. 13 in Beverly Hills. As Kim Kardashian attempted to walk further away from the teen, he followed her and threatened her until meeting West in the office building and getting his money's worth.

Kanye West Settles for 250,000

The teen, who is still unidentified negotiated a settlement of 250,000 after allegedly ducking the cops until a settlement could be made. It seems as if the teen was looking for a quick payday and he got it, over six figures worth.

According to the NY Daily News, the teen will not press any criminal charges against Yeezus and the New Slaves rapper definitely does not need another lawsuit. He has a current lawsuit for stealing the chorus for his single Bound 2 by child group Ponderosa Twins Plus One; I guess one good girl is worth a 1000 stitches.

Although the teen is not pressing any criminal charges, the city of Los Angeles is still reviewing evidence of the misdemeanor. Many sources have come forward with details of the event, including words that were said:

"F--k you b--ch. Just trying to help. Shut up n----r lover, stupid slut,"

For being rude and utterly disrespectful, the teen now has a quarter of a million dollars in his pocket.

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