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Kanye West pays $250K to settle with beating victim, criminal charge not likely

Kanye West has reportedly settled with the young man he beat up in a Beverly Hills chiropractor's waiting room earlier this month. Kanye, 36, paid the 18-year-old $250,000 to make the case go away. West punched the guy after he allegedly hurled racial epithets at fiancée Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West has reportedly settled with the young victim he pummeled in a Beverly Hills chiropractor's office on Jan. 13 for $250K to avoid a criminal trial.

Sources close to the negotiations say the victim has agreed to the civil settlement, and now feels satisfied enough that he doesn't want to go forward with a criminal prosecution, according to TMZ on Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Although Kanye's forking over $250K has no direct legal effect on whether criminal charges will be brought against him, it now seems unlikely.

Law enforcement sources say that even though the District Attorney has not decided whether to charge West with battery, the reality is there's not much chance of that happening.

First of all, the D.A. now is straddled with an uncooperative victim. Secondly, the victim's alleged racial epithets aren't likely curry favor with the jury.

And there's the celebrity effect, where juries are often less likely to convict someone of Kanye's stature because they're actually fans and maybe a little star struck.

The settlement negotiations supposedly began with the victim demanding a figure closer to $1 million. So the $250K is just a fraction of what he hoped to squeeze out of Yeezy.

Maybe he saw the inherent weakness of his case too, especially when you factor in the apparent lack of any real physical injuries.

Attempts to reach Kanye's civil lawyer, Lindsay Lohan's own Shawn Holley for comment, went unanswered.

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