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Kanye West Jeremy Lin signs Adidas Deals

Nike vs Adidas who got next
Nike vs Adidas who got next
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The athletic apparel market is one of the largest and most profitable in the world and looks like things between Nike and Adidas is about to really heat up. Over the years there has been a huge street war brewing Adidas vs Nike with the exodus of big names like Kanye and Jeremy Lin from Nike let the games begin.

Both sportswear companies produced products that are popular all over the world, while for Nike when it comes to sales and sponsorships they definitely rule in that department Adidas is steadily growing.

Adidas owns Reebok, Taylor Made golf company and Rockport while Nike owns the Jordan Brand, Umbro, Hurley, Converse and Cole Haan. Adidas' motto is "Impossible is Nothing" or "all day I dream about sports"and Nike which was originally named "blue ribbon sports" motto being "Just do it".

In reality although Nike products are much more pricer than Adidas in reality the products technology are generally the same. With Nike being endorsed by famous athletes this often gives it the upper hand. Adidas sponsors all NBA, MLS team apparel along with the world cup and the Boston Marathon its Adidas subsidiary, Reebok, sponsors all NFL team apparel.

In 2012 it was Nike that took over for Reebok and sponsoring all NFL teams as well as the Penn Relays and the Australian Open.

Most professional soccer players in Europe wear Adidas, while most NFL players in the US wear Nike. Nike holds the Number one spot with a market value of close to $50 billion and Adidas sits in the number with a market value of about $12 billion.

Kanye West and Jeremy Lin inks deals with Adidas

In recent news things turned sour with Kanye West and Nike with the rapper parting ways inking a deal with Adidas partly because of Nike refusal to grant him royalties or any creative input.

Jeremy Lin had his run with Nike during “Linsanity” hype but has also headed over to Adidas in a deal that can give Adidas more global branding and not to mention Lin a future signature shoe.

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