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Kanye West Interruption


Courtesy of a Creative Commons License (DANIEL IS

Like all good events that more than two people talk about, Kanye's interruption of Taylor Swift at Sunday's VMA's has become downright pandemic in its viral scope. It started with the tweets of course. Then came the blogs and the apologies and the world's most awkward moment after Jay Leno asked Kanye what his mom would've said. Even Rush Limbaugh weighed in on Kanye. Now the creative folks out there have gone to the YouTube waves and come up with mostly unfunny bits that do nothing more than fuel this man's ego. However, a few of these tributes and Kanye satires are certainly worth your time. Here a few that heighten the madness even further.

The "hit" mash-up

The pop-culture mash-up

The ultra ego edition mash-up

Now will someone please make a Kanye interrupts Beyonce?