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Kanye West has another public outburst at MTV VMA's


Photo courtesy of MTV

Kanye West, 32, really put a sour taste in many mouths across America last night on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Taylor Swift, 17, was in the middle of her acceptance speech for her first VMA when Kanye jumped on stage, grabbed the mic and began to rant. Kanye went on saying, "Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish but Beyonce has one the best videos of all time, all time."

During this very embarrassing moment, the camera zoomed in on Beyonce as she sat in awe mouthing, "Oh my god Kanye!" Kanye is one of the top selling Hip Hop artists/writers/producers of all time. Beyonce did end up winning for Video of the Year, when she went to accept her award she graciously invited Taylor swift on stage to finish her speech. Kanye is very controversial and has had many of these outbursts in the past. If you all remember,during a PSA Kanye blurted out that the President (which was George Bush Jr. at the time), didn't care about black people. This is also his second run in with MTV as well.  Many celebs have lashed out on Kanye via their Twitter pages such as Pink ( "Kanye West is the biggest piece of s**! on Earth, Quote Me.") and Katy Perry ( Fu** you Kanye, it's like you stepped on a kitten").

Kanye West did make an apology to Kanye West on his blog. It may not have been very formal and sincere, but it was an apology.


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