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Kanye West debuts new song in Adidas ad

Kanye West

A new Kanye West song was debuted today in a new Adidas commercial. The commercial is from the Adidas campaign 'The Dream: All In Or Nothing' in support of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Kanye is having a big weekend debuting a song and getting married to his baby's mother Kim Kardashian.

The song resembles 'Yeezus' influences with its progressive drum beats. The song is called 'God Level' which also relates back to his mind frame that he is God. Kanye doesn't like saying he is LIKE God, but he IS God. There is no way to break down the confidence of Kanye West.

The lyrics to the song don't seem to be appropriate for his little girl. One of his lines that is censored from the commercial but is in the full stream of the song says,

You see sharks in the water/

Then they try to do nothing but put cocks in your daughter

His daughter is only a year. Hopefully this isn't about baby North.

Rumor has it that Kanye is excepting to release his seventh studio album this year but there is not an official date on this release. Kanye is not only one of the most innovative artists in hip hop, but in music overall. This little glimpse of his vision for his next album is promising. The song may not be poetic lyrically, but the production and sound proves to be cutting edge, complex and forward-thinking. Nothing less is expected of Mr. West.

Check out the Adidas commercial here.

Check out the full stream of 'God Level' here.

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