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Kanye West cash flow problem? Finally a rumor that's really too hard to swallow

Kanye West cash shortage rumors heard in whispers online.
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

Kanye West is having a bit of a cash flow dilemma, so say the whispers online today. That’s almost like saying Hugh Hefner can’t find a bunny anywhere! While anyone can make a few investment mistakes and render themselves broke, it is hard to believe that he has a problem when his other half is rolling in dough.

According to on April 9, the rumor mill is spinning and if it’s true, you could look for Kanye and Kim to put their new home on the market even before it’s finished being built. West is going to try and raise some money the old fashion way, liquidating his assets during this rumored time of hardship.

West needing money is a bit too hard to swallow, as he has generated millions in his own rite. Not to mention that he is ready to marry a woman whose worth is probably the equivalent of whatever is hidden behind the doors of Fort Knox.

Kanye West having a cash flow problem sounds ridiculous when the words first come out of your mouth, but stranger things have happened. Look at Andy Rooney who died this week, He was in show business for something like 80 years and he died with an estate valued at under $20,000. It is reported his estate barely totaled $18,000. starts off reporting this story calling it “weird rumors” and weird they are! Is Kanye really in the middle of a cash-flow dilemma?

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