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Kanye West calls Kim Kardashian 'the number one trophy wife' in 'I Won' lyrics

Kanye West is already referring to Kim Kardashian as his wife ahead of their wedding
Kanye West is already referring to Kim Kardashian as his wife ahead of their wedding
Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

As far as Kanye West is concerned, although they haven’t officially walked down the aisle yet, fiancee Kim Kardashian is already his wife. The 36-year-old rapper refers to his soon-to-be spouse as his “trophy wife” in lyrics from a new track.

As ABCNews reports (April 9), West makes an appearance on a song called “I Won”, featured on fellow rapper, Future’s upcoming album, “Honest”. "You the number one trophy wife so it's only right to live the trophy life," West said, referring to Kardashian, 33. “You grew up on J. Lo, Timberlands by Manolo now/Till one day I put an angel in your ultrasound," West continues.

Offering a visual of the literal term “trophy”, West makes a reference to dipping her famous backside in gold. "I want to dip that ass in gold, I want to dip that ass in gold," West says before reciting the next verse of braggadocious lyrics. “I made it over NBA, NFL players so every time I score it's like the Super Bowl," West adds.

Kanye West and bride-to-be Kim Kardashian are in the process of planning their Parisian wedding. No date is set for the big day yet, but next month is apparently out of the question. They were originally set to wed on May 24, but ran into a technicality.

According to Radar Online, the couple must abide by French law of being residents for a minimum of 40 days before exchanging vows. “All marriages must be performed by a French civil authority before any religious ceremony takes place. The mayor can authorize the deputy mayor or a city councilor to perform the ceremony in the town in which one of the parties to be married has resided for at least 40 days preceding the marriage. These requirements can not be waived," the French Embassy said.

Kim and Kanye, in the meantime are actively working together on the details of the wedding. Never mind that their marriage isn't official yet, West is already boasting that he's “won” the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star.

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