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Kanye West attack on teen might have been more than just self defense

Kanye West attack on teen might have been excessive
Kanye West attack on teen might have been excessive
Photo by John Parra

The Kanye West attack on the teenager who made racial slurs and dished out hate speech on West's wife Kim Kardashian might have gone far enough to cause Kanye some serious problems. According to Wet Paint on Jan. 15, Kanye allegedly delivered 30 punches to the teenager when he caught up with him.

The Kanye West attack started after the 18-year-old was allegedly making comments that were said to be racial hate speech. When Kardashian told the kid that he needed to stop making those kind of hateful comments, the kid allegedly turned his attention to Kim and called her a "ni**er" lover."

That is what sent Kanye off after the kid. With Kim yelling as well, Kanye chased him into a chiropractor’s office and delivered what sources claimed was 30 blows before the two were thrown out of the building.

While Kanye might have been excused for losing his temper after someone delivered speech that basically amounts to a hate crime, the amount of brutality in the attack is what is raising eyebrows. Originally, reports indicated that Kanye hit the kid in the arm. However, if there were 30 blows delivered, the 18-year-old might have a solid case.

Rumors indicate that the victim will hire attorney Gloria Allred to represent him in the case against Kanye, which claims that Kanye used excessive force in retaliation. Meanwhile, sources say Kardashian is telling people she is proud of what Kanye West did.