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Kanye West assault: Will rapper be charged with felony this time?

Kanye West is under investigation once again for physical violence after an altercation Monday afternoon in Beverly Hills, where he allegedly punched an 18-year-old in the face. Kanye supposedly attacked the young man after his baby momma Kim Kardashian called him and said she was being verbally attacked by him, according to TMZ on Jan. 14. West, who was nearby, then followed the unidentified man into the chiropractic office he was visiting and punched him in the face, witnesses say. Now sources are saying there's no way the rapper will escape without some new battery charges, and the question becomes will they rise to the level of a felony?

Kanye West under criminal investigation again following incident in Beverly Hills Monday where he allegedly punched an 18-year-old man. images

It all started when the man was trying to help defend Kim Kardashian against gathering paparazzi. But as he hurled racial and homophobic epithets at them, Kim called him out on it. That's when the man turned on her and allegedly verbally pelted her with similar vile language.

Kim, 33, claims the man called the paparazzi "n*****s" and fa****s", saying to her he couldn't believe she has to deal with them on a daily basis.

When Kardashian called him out for using the despicable words, she says he turned on her, calling her a "n****r lover". That's when Kim called Kanye on his cell, and when the guy realized Kanye was listening he called the rapper the N-word.

West, 36, showed up almost immediately and stormed into the office the man was in and confronted him. That's when he supposedly punched him.

Insiders say Kim has already met with her lawyer and they've decided the best defense is a good offense. They plan to mount a counterattack by filing a police report.

Kardashian says the man screamed, "I will kill you, sl*t", outside the Beverly Hills medical building. While that may fly if the guy was in her face when Kanye arrived, it likely won't help if it's found West pursued him afterwards.

West's history is not about to help him with this latest incident either. He plead no contest to an alleged assault back in 2008. He's also still embroiled in another case from last year.

On July 19 Kanye had a run-in with a photographer outside LAX which was captured on camera. In September he was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft.

Kanye's criminal record is, "absolutely going to hurt him in the Beverly Hills Police Department’s investigation into his actions", said a law enforcement source to

Under California law, a judge may allow prosecutors to show prior bad acts if they're relevant to the case at hand. The L.A. City Attorney apparently wants to use West's prior incidents to show his M.O. of physical violence.

Some are weighing in on the case saying that although the 18-year-old's words were inexcusable, it didn't give Kanye the right to follow him into the office and physically assault him.

Famed attorney Gloria Alred noted that although the words were racist, sexist and homophobic, West's actions can't be ignored.

She said while we condemn the words we cannot overlook the fact that this is one more time that Kanye West is engaged in an incident in which he allegedly physically attacked another individual.

The case will be reviewed once it’s submitted to the D.A.'s office and he will be charged accordingly. "There is no way he is not going to be in this incident", the inside source said.

"What is truly distressing is that Kanye just doesn’t think the law applies to him", the source added.

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