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Kanye West assault victim wants money settlement to avoid criminal trial

Kanye West's alleged 18-year-old victim failed to appear for a follow-up interview with Beverly Hills police, and sources say the young man is seeking a financial settlement from Kanye. The incident took place last Monday when West reportedly beat the man up in a chiropractor's waiting room after he hurled racial epithets at Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West's alleged 18-year-old assault victim wants big bucks to settle out of court.

Sources connected to the 18-year-old are saying his lawyer has reached out to Kanye West's people, and expressed interest in a six-figure civil settlement to avoid criminal prosecution, according to TMZ on Jan. 21.

The young victim is said to be requesting "several hundred thousand dollars" from the rapper, after 36-year-old West was said to have pummeled him inside the chiropractor's office.

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Apparently the 18-year-old is adamant that he does not want to go through a public trial. Kim Kardashian, 33, claims the young man called her a "n***er lover" among other things.

E! News reports that criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten, who's not directly involved with this case, explained that authorities usually want victims to come in soon after the incident.

That's so they can explain the extent of their injuries and show results of any hospital or doctor visits and exams or treatments. That way the District Attorney will get the most complete and accurate information for a possible trial.

But this victim has not been responsive with the police since the incident. Slaten also said the police can't force a victim to talk to them, and if they don't have a cooperative victim, the case is obviously harder to prosecute.

Of course there are defenses in law such as provocation, and witnesses have said the man was spouting inflammatory language at the famous couple. But when you have deep pockets like Kanye's, it's never a good idea to put your hands on someone.

Even though eyewitnesses in the Beverly Hills chiropractor's office say West repeatedly beat the guy, there's no word so far that the victim had any physical injuries. But in any case, avoiding a criminal trial does come with a price tag.

Just what that price will be remains to be seen, but inside sources say both sides are currently in negotiations.

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