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Kanye West announces tour dates


Courtesy of AP Photo/Jason DeCrow

Despite the recent controversy surrounding Kanye West and his drunken slurs on the VMAs, Kanye West and Lady Gaga announced their tour dates! This is long awaited news seeing as the collaborated tour was declared months ago.  

Being the last show of the tour is the best show of the whole thing (other than the first show.) The artists always play their hardest and go out with a bang. Guess who's last? DALLAS. Awesome.

So after all of this hoopla with Kanye West, do you still  want to go see this show? I do. This is not to reward Kanye for his disrespect and inappropriate behavior, but to enjoy his talent for music. After all, he does write his own stuff and perform onstage the entire time alone (no band or backup singers.) The latter fact stems from his last tour with Rihanna and Lupe Fiasco, where he performed alone onstage the entire set.

Since we saw how bizarre Lady Gaga's performance of "Paparazzi" was at the VMAs, it makes me even more antsy to see her live just to see how wild things will get. This will be a good show, I'm almost sure of it. 

Even though Pollstar is a dependable site, this is the only site currently posting dates for the "Fame Kills" tour. As far as I know, tickets are not on sale yet. Keep an eye on national ticket sites to learn more. 

Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk / Getty Images.