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Kanye West Air Yeezy IIs sell out, Kim Kardashian tweets pic of matching pairs

On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian tweeted pic of matching Air Yeezy IIs
On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian tweeted pic of matching Air Yeezy IIs

It must be nice to be Kanye West right about now. The Chicago-born rapper is living up to his "Good Life" track as he's currently dating his longtime friend, reality hottie Kim Kardashian - who gave him a $750,000 Lamborghini for his birthday last Friday, he's on tour with pal Jay-Z and his Nike Air Yeezy IIs were released (and sold out in less than an hour) on Saturday.

With only 3,000 pairs of the limited edition sneaker released, it comes as no surprise fans camped out in front of the Undefeated shoe boutique in Los Angeles, nearly a week before the shoes' release in hopes of getting one of the 18 pairs assigned to the store.

Christian San Juan, manager of Undefeated told E! News, "Kanye West has a lot of influence on these kids. Air Yeezy I was just as bad [but] the Air Yeezy II was actually more limited than the last one."

San Juan continued, "We've been getting calls for the past couple months. This week, I estimate 40 calls per hour up till today, we didn't want anyone to line up until we got confirmation, and once we heard from Nike on Tuesday morning, as soon as we found out, we let the public know, people were here anticipating."

Although the Air Yeezy II's carry a hefty price tag of $375 a pair, shoe fanatics don't seem bothered by the cost of the sneakers as one pair reportedly sold for $90,300 on eBay.

Kim Kardashian tweets picture of matching Air Yeezy IIs

Stepping out of her usual stilettos, just yesterday Kim K tweeted a picture of matching Air Yeezy IIs with the tag, "His and Hers. #AirYeezys."

In recent months, Kanye and fellow rapper Jay-Z, were spotted wearing the Air Yeezy IIs so it only seems fitting the Grammy award-winning star would give his girlfriend a pair, right?

Nike describes the sneaker as being: "Armored animalistic forms imbue the upper. Hand-skived anaconda textured leather quarter panels are embellished with a debossed Vac-Tech Nike Swoosh. The molded rear is sculpted with a reptilian-inspired spike."

With this venture with Nike, West made history as being the first non-athlete to have a shoe deal with the famous shoe company.

Way to go Mr. West.


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