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Kanye sues Coinye for using his image on online currency

The controversial rapper Yeezus is making headlines yet again for something other than his music. The "godlike" rapper has sworn to protect his image by lashing out at others immaturely.. Ironic? This time Kanye is handling it like an adult and going to court. West initiated a cease and desist order to on Jan 8. for using his image for online currency.

Kanye Currency
Kanye Currency
Kanye Currecy

Here's why: Kanye wants nothing, but respect yet he's constantly being sued for stealing samples. So the respectable thief is now suing Coinye, which is Kanye themed money in the digital world; mainly used for gambling.. Pretty funny right? Maybe they should of asked Curren$y, Spitta!

Here's where it gets fun: The programmers plan was to release the Coinye units in blocks of 666 in honor of Kanye's rumored affiliation with the Illuminati.

The recently sued rapper (Bound 2) is now suing to protect his own image and the Illuminati (maybe?) against those he does not see fit.. NY daily news reported that the Coinye team willingly admitted to incorporating Ye's brand because he's so damn cool and openly said it was a parody. Who doesn't want money named after them? I say cut a deal! The "blood on the leaves" rapper has thrown many tantrums on and off the stage, so I have to ask..What are you really protecting Kanye?

Sounds like the Coinye team are trying to target a certain audience; I wonder who?

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