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Kanye calls Kim's family an 'industry' in wedding speech: Duo whisked to Ireland

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were whisked away in a private jet to spend a “secret honeymoon” in Ireland. With the entourage the couple had in tow, there is no way this will remain a “secret honeymoon,” suggests the New York Daily News on May 26.

Kim and Kanye take wedding selfie as if they needed more pictures!
Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

With all the pictures that were taken of this couple, they still had to take a few selfies on their wedding day, one of them appears above. Chris Jenner, Kim’s mom, took baby North back home with her to L.A. while her daughter enjoyed her honeymoon with her latest husband.

The wedding list read like a “Who's, who” list with people from all avenues of fame flying into Florence to see the couple say their nuptials. One of the most noted events to come out of the big event was Kanye’s 20-minute speech at his wedding. This might make the couple seem absolutely full of themselves, but that is just not so. Although, who makes a 20-minute speech at their own wedding about themselves?

Why would Kanye think that people would actually want to hear what he has to say for 20 minutes straight? One can’t help but look at this union as a business venture. In Kanye’s dragged out speech he referred to the Kardashian family as an “industry” and “the most remarkable people of our time.” These are the people, Kanye said will “make the world a better place.”

What a loving tribute to your in-laws, the "industry" that you just married into! He went on about being a celebrity and pretty much portrayed himself and the "industry" as victims of the media. Poor Kim and Kanye, this has to be a tough life for the newlyweds. According to E News, Kanye got the room cheering when he said:

"I am defined by being a celebrity…the world is our altar. We are not stupid!"

Kim Kardashian became famous for just getting her face out there. In the beginning some of her other body parts were also exposed while paving that road to fame.

Kanye West, who is a rapper, probably would not have had this much fame from anything he did musically. He married Kim and gained a podium to the world and it seems that he likes it up there on that pulpit, he has a lot to say. Now it appears he has the “industry” backing him.

It may be hard for some to fathom Kanye spreading those peacock feathers so wide and feeling unique when it seems like yesterday the “industry” was grooming a different CEO, Kris Humphries. He wasn’t an “industry” type of guy, so he was removed from the head of the board and a new and more suitable “industry” leader was put in his place. That would be Kanye.

Insiders report that Kanye got very heated during his speech, but he was also very sweet when talking about Kim, or maybe better described as his lion’s share of the “industry.” Sadly, while Kanye was patting himself on the back for 20 minutes, Kim’s only brother left Italy in tears before the festivities got underway, according to an earlier article from the New York Daily News.

Rob was said to be feeling totally left out after Kim shared her disappointment that Rob didn’t care enough about her wedding to shed the extra pounds he’s been carrying around for some time now. Rob seems like the only normal one out of the bunch, as an insider said he just couldn’t get excited about the circus the Kardashian family had created based on looks.

The couple landed in Ireland and were taken by land in a parade of Mercedes, they had enough cars for the entire fleet they dragged with them. Personal attendants that will meet every one of their personal needs came along for the ride. Sounds more like a secret crowded honeymoon. Now, how long is it going to take for this first couple of the "industry" to change the world?

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