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Kanye booed: Bonnaroo rant gets Kanye West jeered at music fest? 'I am No. One'

Kanye booed on stage at his Bonnaroo set performance this weekend has many talking about the celebrity's prideful rant. Kanye West allegedly had his new wife, Kim Kardashian, also in attendance during his musical show to garner quite a few additional looks, but that didn't deter the jeers. Music Mix News shares this Saturday, June 14, 2014, that some listeners told local news sources some people were actually booing the rapper instead cheering for him at times, especially after one of the celebrity's rants included him saying, "I am the No. One rock star."

Kanye West booed by some on stage at Bonnaroo after rant
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Although Kanye West may view himself as a second coming figure at times, visitors at the Bonnaroo music show said that Kanye booed was one major part of the fest that didn't get much fanfare by review sites. Unlike last year, the rapper was able to start his performance on time this June 2014, but punctuality didn’t prevent some fans from still holding some negative feelings against the rapper, including jeering at him.

Throughout Kanye’s performance, he was said to be booed from quite a few listeners, with some of the initial catcalls coming after the celebrity first made an appearance on the fest's stage. Amidst the allegations of disapproval, others said that there were numerous swear words slung against the rapper and even his celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian. A majority in attendance still seemed to support the rapper, however.

According to the The Denver Channel, had the media not noticed Kim K. in tow in the stands, it might not have been easy to keep up with the reality TV star, as the 37-year-old didn't make any comment on his wife. The Kardashian queen was present for the show, however, watching high above from the show's soundboard site. She was spotted by some clearly enjoying the show, swaying with the beat as her "Yeezus" hubby performed.

During their inside coverage of the Bonnaroo music fest, a few major news sources didn’t say anything about the audience booing Kanye West in the middle of his show. Yet there has been some indirect “proof” of these catcalls, adds Canoe News Blog, as a number of members in the crowd took to Twitter to announce that he got some major “disrespect” at the event.

Kim Kardashian was one of the many people watching the show at Bonnaroo this Friday night. Having Kanye booed didn’t stop the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star from wearing a revealing outfit and drawing almost as much attention to herself as the rapper, though. Nonetheless, it is a bit shocking to hear that among the tens of thousands visitors or so at Bonnaroo, the jeers were loud and raucous enough to be considerably noticed during West’s song set.

Following the performance, Kanye West lost no opportunity, boos or not, to go off on one of his notorious rants, though this one was relatively tame. He went on a brief tirade about both the paparazzi and his work as an artist, as well the strain and effort he puts into making this music — much of which, apparently, goes unnoticed by some fans and the public at large. He was quoted saying such lines via EW as "humbled in a way that gave [me] strength ... and "I am the No. 1 muthaf***in rock star on this planet!"

This short rant is what really seemed to tick off some fans, as shortly afterward there was apparently group chants of "F*** Kanye!" One charged team of music listeners apparently even spray painted a nearby fence at the fest, writing "Dear Kanye, Kim K. gave a better performance."

What is your response to hearing of Kanye booed at this Friday’s Bonnaroo showcase? Are you a fan of the rapper and his famous wife?

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