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Kanye booed for insipid narcissistic rant at London's Wireless Festival (Video)

Kanye West was booed while on stage after he blew into a 20 minute rant at London’s Wireless Festival. The rapper was there to perform, but he took the opportunity of having a captive audience to rant about the discrimination in the fashion industry, according to the New York Daily News on July 5.

Kanye rants on stage and is booed after 20 minutes of sheer nonsense, like "I just want to be awesome and hang around my awesome friends and change the world."
YouTube screen shot

He said things like “Don’t discriminate against me cos I’m a black man making music.” He said he didn’t want to mention any names then tossed the names out of Nikle, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. At first the crowd listened thinking he was going to break into a song any minute, but it kept coming. The people in the crowd weren’t impressed and didn’t care to hear Kanye’s perception of being discriminated against. You can hear them go from cheering to discontentment fairly quickly.

Actually one might say that he appeared seriously narcissistic to blame not being able to make it in the fashion industry on other people. Maybe his creations weren’t up to par, but that wasn’t anything that West was going to explore, it was how he was wronged, it was everyone else who was at fault. He shared his thoughts on how "awesome" he is and how he is going to change the world. Really? He never shared the master plan for that undertaking!

Doesn't Kanye realize these people paid money to see this festival and not listen to this insipid talk that does nothing but seem to build up his ego. It is boring and it is growing really old. This was evident by the social networks lighting up with Kanye's rant critics.

One Twitter user posted, “There is a time and a place to get on your soap box @kanyewest and #wireless is not the place.”
Others said that people had it because even as the crowd booed he kept on spewing his problems to the audience. One fan said that at one point there was some “serious booing” was going on.

Not only did Kanye turn a light hearted music festival into a place of angst as people were forced to hear him get on his pity pot once again, he came on stage wearing some kind of weird mask for the rant. What's up with that?

As Entertainment Weekly suggests, Kanye likes to interrupt live performances to “deliver impromptu lectures.” Those lectures are usually filled with the “nature of his own genius” and “the world’s attempts to hold him back.”

Apparently Kanye doesn’t get the message that people are tired of hearing how he is a legion in his own mind and then how sorry he feels for himself because people don’t realize his full potential. He did the same thing at Bonnaroo last month and folks answered him with a round of booing there too.

Hearing these rants almost makes one feel a little bit sorry for Kim Kardashian because if he spiels off like this in public, he most likely is feeling sorry for himself at home. His tirade went on and on and on about how difficult it has been for him trying to come out as a serious player in the fashion industry.

Why does Kanye think he is so special? There are thousands of people who have tried and didn’t succeed in the very competitive world of fashion. None of them had the luxury of a captive audience to whine to.

Does this not appear narcissistic to mention the names of some of the elite fashion designers of the world and insinuate they even know who he is never mind accusing them of deliberately standing in his way of success? Does he actually think that he is so special that the fashion designers spend any time at all booby trapping his way to success? That would mean they think his ideas are good if people tried to keep him out of the business.

You can almost feel embarrassed for this guy because he doesn’t seem to have a clue that if his fashions were something that would sell, people won’t care who he is, they’d scoop it up. Could it be that he is lacking the talent needed for designing apparel and that is the end of the story, which he won’t accept?

When will they start putting in a "no-rant" clause in his concert contracts? This lecture went on way too long and he tries to sing some of it, which sounds even worse. People actually paid good money to hear this? Check out Kanye’s rant on the video above. Grab a box of tissues because his poor me speech goes on for a while!

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