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Kanye booed spewing egotistical rant: Target of Bonnaroo port-a-potty graffiti

Kanye West might have been booed while on the stage at Bonnaroo 2014, but people were still going to listen to what he had to say whether they liked it or not. In true Kanye West form the rapper had some really wonderful things to say about himself in a rant, which he was bound and determined to share!

Kanye West booed at Bonnaroo 2014: It didn't stop him from telling the crowd just how great he is.
YouTube screen shot

Even days before he was due to appear at this music venue disparaging graffiti aimed at Kanye started to show up around the event site. Kanye took to the stage Friday night at 10 p.m. and he became his number one fan again singing praises to himself. Concert goers not only booed but turned and walked away from the stage, according to Entertainment Music News on June 14.

Being booed didn't stop the rapper from spewing off one of his famous rants to make sure that everyone in the audience knew just how great he is. Tweets posted during his live performance reported how Kanye used this opportunity to compare himself to the likes of Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, and again this was followed by boos from the crowd.

HipHopWire reports that Kanye got his fair share of applause and at times the applause overwhelmed the unfavorable chants coming from the audience. Disavowing graffiti about Kanye was something not hard to find as it was spread across port-a-potties, walls and barriers. There was no getting away from it, Kanye had some folks at Bonnaroo that tried their best to make him feel unwelcome.

In true Kanye West style he took to the stage and talked himself up like he was the number one rock star on the planet. This is exactly what he told the audience, "I am the No. 1 muthaf--kin' rock star on the planet!" You've got to give this guy credit for having one of the biggest egos to ever come down the pike.

He is really unbelievable and some said that his rant filled with the jaw-dropping content made their night. The rant that centered on building himself up was the highlight of the Friday night lineup for a handful of folks, but only because it is not often you get to see someone this self-centered in action.

He talked about feeling “humbled in a way that gave him strength.” This was because at only 37-years-old, “what you see [of him] is only the beginning.” He glorified his “work ethic” and his commitment to his craft.

He really touched on all his greatness. The only thing missing was the harp music in the background, and a star hovering overhead spotlighting him from the night heavens above. He was so wound up in himself that at one point he almost mesmerized the crowd passing along the good word about Kanye.

You just know that he was really something when his bride, Kim Kardashian, who attended the event with him, played second fiddle to her husband in the media. Very little was said about her in comparison to her husband and his grandiose sermon. It is not easy to take the spotlight away from Kim Kardashian, but in this case it was a breeze!

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