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Kanye booed during Bonnaroo festival

Kanye West
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It seems that not everyone was excited that Kanye West had been set to be the headline for Friday's Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee at Great Stage Park. Many vulgar words were posted on multiple areas of the 700-acre farm. Fans made signs and spray painted on fences, barriers, and port-a-potties. The words and explicit sayings were directed towards Kanye showing that he was unwanted at the festival.

When Kanye made his way to the stage, the 90,000 concert-goers began to boo and yell profanity. They soon made what seemed to be a mass exodus. The crowd went to see another performer at a nearby stage right in the middle of Kanye's performance. This made Kanye very mad. He then began to yell and attack the press. During his performance of "Heartless" he yelled "Where the press at? F*** the press." Kanye then started comparing himself to music legends Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. He began a ten minute foul language rant about his continued success and hatred towards the press.

According to Liberty Press, at the end of West’s performance he reportedly was yelling “I ain’t going after nobody on the radio, I’m going after Shakespeare. I’m going after Walt Disney. I’m going after Howard Hughes and Genghis Khan.” Entertainment Weekly reported that Kanye said he was feeling “humbled in a way that gave him strength” because at 37, “what you see [of him] now is only the beginning” which eventually escalated to “I am the No. 1 muthaf**kin’ rock star on the planet!” Kanye's fans are used to his arrogance.

In 2008, Fans booed Kanye off of the stage at the same festival. He was six hours late for his performance. Concert organizers vowed to not book the star again because of his carelessness. They decided to give it another try this year because of his growing success and popularity since his marriage into the Kardashian family.

Kim Kardashian was there to support her new husband in a extremely revealing see -through top, white jeans, an olive jacket, and high hills. The outfit was obviously very unfitting for a festival on a muddy farm. Fans say that she stole the show. The couple were married in Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy on May 24th. After the concert, they were heading to New York City to celebrate Father's Day.

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