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KANT-TV debuts for Houston audience

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Afrocentric Network Television debuts this Month with more than just Movies

All eyes are impatiently anticipating a return of substance to the community television viewership as Afrocentric Network Television (KANT-TV) debuts service in Houston this month. In Houston, fourth largest city in the United States, and the most diverse, Africans and African-Americans are in need of community information outlets that address their interests collectively. Effective communication compels collaboration and engages citizens in any change process. KANT-TV establishes as a partner for community development and not just an entity for program presentation.

Wole Van Olasoji, a director at the KANT-TV believes that communities can only be mobilized when communication process is mutual and effective. Community development is a strategic venture that mobilizes internal and external forces to help the community to strengthen itself, and achieve specific goals and potentials. Collaborating and mobilizing community members are contingent to genuine socio-political commitment and economic subsistence. The foundation of KANT-TV is based on community empowerment with a goal to encourage the African voice and create a platform whereby community members can tell their own stories on lifestyle, culture, values, and history through drama, comedy, music, and a wide ranging entertainment genre.

Olasoji talked about their strategies to engage the local community saying, “We intend to reach out to church and community leaders through some programs that focus on these groups, such as "Issues of Life" for the religious community; "The ACN- The Black Community Network," for community leaders; and "Mind Your Business," for people in diverse business endeavors. We will try as much as possible to report, provide media coverage, partner with them and promote their activities and events as a way of integrating the community into our vision.”

This tube is “Quintessentially African and American,” said Simon Balogun, also a director in the organization. Balogun who handles the African segment of KANT-TV said the programs will be consistent with relevant issues of the moment, but would focus on the African community. “KANT will provide coverage for African events and activities. It is a good-old-day reminiscently for the adults and a brand new adventure for the younger generation. Talk shows, comedies, music, sports, politics, movies, documentaries, news, current affairs, religious and general programming are the entire package you cannot resist,” he said.

KANT-TV is owned and operated by Wole Van Olasoji and Simon Balogun, both of whom have run separate businesses in the past. Prior to KANT-TV, Olasoji, a production engineering graduate ran an event cinematography entity, directed event stationery, and consultancy with affiliation to publishing, and advertising. Balogun, a Digital photography graduate, proficient in advertising, printmaking, design and publishing, ran a photography firm prior to his TV management venture. KANT-TV’s Client Service Executive, Patricia O. Nnanna, a Journalism graduate formally worked with the Wall Street Journal.