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Kansas to allow government employees to discriminate against gays?

In Kansas, if you want to discriminate against gay men, you might be in luck. The Kansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly approved a bill that will not only allow private employers or individuals to discriminate against those who are gay, but also governmental employees to discriminate.

Indeed, the bill states that a governmental employee does not have to do his/her job when it comes to gay men and women. Their bosses are mandated to assign another employee, but there's a catch. They don't have to provide those services, if it produces an "undue hardship" to do so.

So if the only person who could have done that job was the employee who discriminated for religious reasons, then that might lead to an "undue hardship."

Also, only religious reasons are allowed to be an excuse for this discrimination, so if you aren't bigoted against gays for religious reasons, then you are out of luck. But those who support discrimination against gays are almost always religious to some extent.

There are, after all, few atheists who support discrimination against gays or oppose marriage equality.

Of course, you can only discriminate based on "sex or gender", as it says in the law. So don't go trying to discriminate based on race because of your religious beliefs, only gays. But considering how badly the law is written, it could be used for discrimination against someone because they are a woman.

The group Change Kansas has a petition urging state elected leaders, and Gov. Brownback to oppose this bill.