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Kansas Senate President doubts anti-gay marriage bill will pass

Marriage equality protesters in Virginia.
Marriage equality protesters in Virginia.
Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images

Kansas Senate President Susan Wagle (R) made a Valentine's Day announcement that a bill legalizing discrimination in providing services will not pass in her chamber as it is currently written. The bill, as written, goes well beyond "protecting religious freedom" as is its advertised purpose. While Senator Wagle seems to realize this, her Republican colleagues may be more stubborn.

Wagle does acknowledge that most Republican Senators support "marriage equality" while most Democratic Senators oppose the bill. She conveniently sidestepped around how most Senate Republicans feel about the bill so we'll have to accept her prediction that it will not pass as written for now.

The bill passed the Kansas House of Representatives on Wednesday with a wide margin of 72-49. With support like that in the house and Republicans holding 80% of the Senate we'll just have to wait and see how many of them are moderate enough to not support this bill.