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Kansas City singer/songwriter maintains busy performance schedule

Armed with his guitar, speaker, and a microphone, local musical performer, Aaron Lucero, entertains both the dinner crowds and late nighters at local bars and restaurants around the Kansas City metro area, but mostly confines himself to Johnson County venues near his home.

Aaron Lucero singer/songwriter performs throughout the Kansas City Metro area.
Aaron Lucero
Aaron Lucero singer/songwriter performs throughout the Kansas City Metro area.
Aaron Lucero

Lucero, a talented, young singer-songwriter currently performs regularly at Taqueria Mexico in Olathe. Lucero, a home-grown talent graduated from Gardner Edgerton High School a few years ago and works a full time day job, but feeds his artistic side with performing whenever he can work it into his busy schedule.

“I’ve been performing as a solo artist for a little over a year and a half, but I’ve been involved in music most of my life,” Lucero said. “My original songs "Song 14" and "The Ledge" are starting to catch on, too.”

Lucero’s music is a mixture of classic rock, with some pop and folk music thrown in. His voice is very adaptable and would do well with music from classic crooners, to John Denver, to protest song, to country-crossover hits, and so many more styles of music.

“As for my music, it's mostly Acoustic Rock, Folk, and Pop. Bob Dylan, Oasis, Sublime, Mumford and Sons, the Lumineers, and Beatles are the artists I cover that people seem to really respond well to,” Lucero said.

Lucero, in playing for dinner crowds knows that his music needs to entertain all ages from young to old, and, as such, he continues to add established favorites that please his audience. At a recent performance, his John Denver version of “Country Roads” found booths full of diners smiling, nodding in time and ever singing quietly along.

“ I started thinking about performing when I saw my former junior high teacher performing around town,” he said. “It was Joel McNulty about three years ago actually. I had been watching him perform around town for the better part of 10 years when he happened to see a Youtube video I had put up for my song “Martyr of St. Valentine.” He loved it and asked me to perform it impromptu that night. I could not remember the words to it since I had just written it earlier that day, so I played Sublime’s “What I Got” and Counting Crows’ “Goodnight Elizabeth.” From that point on, he continued to mentor me and help me become a solo performer.”

On average, Lucero said he performs about three times a week. When it gets warmer and more venues are wanting live music, he said he can end up playing 4-6 times a week pretty easily.

“I’m more of a fan of the bar crowds, but the family friendly places are great in their own way, too. The bar crowds offer you an opportunity to be a bit more lively with your crowd. It’s always a win-win if there’s someone trying crack a joke about your playing or a song you’re singing, then you turn it back on them and work them into the song or write a tune on the fly all about them. The family friendly places let you see a child’s face light up with excitement and wonder. Children are not exposed to music as much as we are as adults, so when they get a chance to see it there is no better audience. You have their full attention and for those few minutes they are watching you, you are the only thing that matters to them,” he said.

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