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Kansas City’s Spring Peak Week

Burst of spring color
Burst of spring color
Cadstone Studio

As I wrote about and offered a slide show in April of 2010

This is it, the most colorful week of the year for Kansas City. The annual parade of color is peaking now. It starts with crocus, then daffodils and tulips. The tulip trees are the first to pop. They have the largest petals and have already began to drop, but if you look right now, you will see the best show of color all year.

The majority of the blooming trees have joined in a lavish display. The Bradford pears look like piles of popcorn. The red buds are just red buds. The crabapples are turning from greenish to pinkish. The show should not be ignored. This year, this is the week.

Have you seen it, or do you just drive past the vibrant trees? Have you walked around your block? A tree has green leaves for about six months and bare sticks for about six months. For a few days, it is PURPLE! That is no small thing and worthy of our attention and appreciation. One can just imagine God planning it out. “I’ll make the trees all green, as part of my whole photosynthesis concept, but once a year, I’ll turn them white and pink and purple and red, just for fun.”

Enjoy all of the seasons of Kansas City, but do not let this week pass without pausing to appreciate the color show of Peak Week. There won’t be another color show until the fall tree fashions come out.

The bursts of sun coupled with cooler weather have brought out the blooms and held them longer. Let’s hope today’s rain just intensifies the color and doesn’t knock too many blossoms to the ground.

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