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Kansas City recycles

Are you sure your family recycles enough?
Are you sure your family recycles enough?
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  • Angela 6 years ago

    Deffenbaugh won't take pizza boxes either. Does anyone know where you can take them? Another good recycling resource is

  • Kansas City Green Parenting Examiner 6 years ago

    Angela, thank you for the suggestion! I added the link to the list of Kansas City Recycling Resources.

    One of my favorite websites suggests ripping off the oil and food saturated portions of the pizza box, then recycling the rest. That's the only solution I know of. If any readers have other ideas, please share!

  • Jake 6 years ago

    Locally Olathe has just implemented city-wide recycling, which is also nice. Everyone has a bin, and everyone pays. I know it's encouraged my friends that didn't want to do it before (because of the cost) to jump on the bandwagon...more cities should take that approach. Best of all, my cost (from the previous opt-in method) actually decreased!

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