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Kansas City police officer goes head-to-head with teens in dance-off

When it comes to the topic of law enforcement, police brutality has been something of a hot button issue this week with tensions running high in Ferguson, Missouri following the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. In a nice change of pace, one officer in Kansas City kept things light by busting a move in the street in a spontaneous dance-off in the city’s east side.

The funky cop in question is rookie officer J. Krebs, who is said to have been dancing in the police car all morning when his partner, Senior Police Officer Smith, spotted some teens dancing in the street and offered them Jolly Ranchers to challenge Krebs to a dance-off.

Resident Natalie Garcia caught the whole thing on camera and through the magic of Facebook, shared it with the police department.

“He was pretty fun. I’m glad that he’s not like showing us that cops can be bad but also cops can be cool to little kids,” Garcia said.

The dance party went down on Sunday but the video has caught on since then and reached the almighty “viral” threshold since being posted to YouTube on Monday. KCPD isn’t claiming that Krebs’ moves are particularly stellar, either; the video’s title on YouTube is “Officer caught on camera losing dance-off.”

“What I was thinking was ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this’,” Krebs said.

Some of Krebs’ “best” moves include what he calls the “Octopus,” the classic disco pointing dance, and one of those spinning breakdance moves on the ground to to cap it off. The kids, meanwhile, counter with some sweet moves of their own. Whatever your verdict is on who won the battle, Krebs said he’s simply been wanting to connect with people in town now that he’s an officer.

"When I went through the academy and when I first got hired on I told them how I wanted to interact with the community and start building some rapport with the citizens because I feel like if we build rapport with them then they are more likely to call us when they need us," he said.

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